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So did everyone watch the Golden Awards? Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were hilarious am I right? Did you enjoy the show? Well did you ever think that the show has some connections to Jrock or anime? Well I am here to say it is true well let me show you the connections.

A bit of background information

First we are familiar with the Anime “X” right? One ED of the series is titled “X” and performed by the legendary band X-Japan. X-Japan’s leader and co-founder is Hayashi Yoshiki or Yoshiki as his fans know him. Yoshiki is not only the leader of the group but also the drummer, pianist, composer, and songwriter. He has composed epic ballads to epic rock songs; he also composed and performed by the request of the Japanese government a classical song in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Emperor Akihito’s enthronement. He has discovered and signed many jrock groups in Japan (i.e. Luna Sea, and Glay). In 2005 he composed the theme song for the world’s fair expo in Japan. He has come to the US and composed “I.V.” for the film Saw IV.


Which brings us to the Golden Globe Awards; Yoshiki has composed the theme for the 69th annual Golden Globe Awards of 2012 and was asked to return to compose the theme for the 70th annual Golden Awards of 2013. If you are familiar with his music I think you can hear his special touch to the theme. Also you can buy the song on iTunes after 1/15/13 so look for it.

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How would you like to have a private dinner with Yoshiki (Yoshiki Hayashi) group leader and co-founder of X-Japan? Well it’s not free it’s an auction from BiddingForGood website. The dinner was donated by Yoshiki Foundation America. The auction is for a good cause and well the winner gets to have dinner with Yoshiki.


This auction was for a private dinner with Yoshiki with some rules attached. The rules were simple the dinner must be scheduled and agreed by both parties. Dinner will take place in Tokyo or Los Angeles this will be chosen by the winning bidder. Either Tokyo or Los Angeles due to the fact that this is where Yoshiki commutes back and forth due to his studios and homes. Winning bidder must be 18 years old or accompanied by parents or legal guardian. Winning bidder can bring one additional guest to the private dinner. The length of the dinner will be 90 minutes in which the winning bidder and guest can talk to Yoshiki and just have fun. The last thing is very important the winning bidder and guest will have to pay for there own travel and accommodations. This auction was open from 9/7/12 till 9/21/12. The auction started at $1,000.00 and close at $37,100.00 with 129 bids. This auction was a perfect gift for a fan of X-Japan or SKIN or classical music or whoever had some extra money to spend this was a great way to donate money to a good cause and at the same time enjoy a nice dinner as well. This reminds me when he auctioned one of his Kawai Cristal Grand CR-40 piano that he used on tour (the site was shutdown when it crashed due to a $20 million dollar bid I think it was a bidder thinking it was yen currency but once the site came back it was sold for $134,931). Well just so you know Yoshiki posted on his twitter account that he will bring roses for the winning bidder.


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For those of you that have followed us over the years, first let me thank you all for being with us. This April saw our first major breakthrough when we migrated our site to an updated platform which opened up new possibilities.

After years of struggling on finding a design model that would fit our goals, I have decided a professional blog/magazine style would be best for our needs. This entails some massive reorganization and implementation of some new tools.

If all goes well, we should be able to launch the new site within the next week; however, it may take an additional few weeks to hammer out all the bugs. So far from the beta version, I am happy announce that the new site is a step closer to my vision for The-O Network.

Stay tuned!

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After so many years that I dedicated to Anime it has finally paid off somebody has finally noticed my contribution to the Anime industry. I am attending SalAnime as in Sal short for my name Salvador (which reminds me I have to let them know they have a misspelling on their site it reads SacAnime) which I take it’s to honor me for all that I have done for the Anime community. It was nice of them to hold it the weekend after my birthday (can’t blame them since it would be hard to have a convention during mid week) but Aug 31st – Sept 2nd still works for me I just hope my many fans bring me gifts.

(manager-san walks in to my office and whispers in my ear)

What?...So that is not a misspelling?....I see….Oh…..Oh….I misunderstood then…So that means no limo for me?....and no entourage?...and no bodyguards?....I guess I need to make a few calls and cancel some services then.


Ok back to what I was saying um…. It happens that I will be attending SacAnime in Sacramento and not SalAnime as I thought (I see what they did there Sac=Sacramento *Sigh* not Sal). Even though I won’t be the center of the attention *sigh* there will be a lot of events to attend such as AMV contest, Maid Café, Open Gaming Room with lots of games, Karaoke contest, Matsuri festival, J fashion runway (gothic, lolita, visual key, gothic lolita, and more), Live outdoor concerts with 'Akai SKY' and 'Eyeshine'. Also a lot of GoH such as: Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam Park from Mighty Morphin Power Ranchers and Vash the Stampede from Trigun), Jennifer Hale (Naomi Hunter, and Emma Emmerich from Metal Gear series and Commander Shepard from Mass Effect 1, 2, & 3), Laura Bailey (Henrietta from Gunslinger GirlLust from FMA, Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket), and more to see the full list go HERE I will also be there if anyone cares. Did I mention a Rave? Well there is one which goes from 10pm till 2am on Friday and Saturday. Plus there will Itasha’s from Team LoveHATE who are from NorCal and are professionals in the Itasha scene and they will be showing off 3 new designs or their art I am so looking forward to seeing them maybe we can get one for T-ono soon. There will be the vendor hall, artist alley, and masquerade so there is a lot of things to attend. This convention is small if compared to other convention but don’t be fooled it is jammed packed with activities for those who want to go to the Q&A for actors, or get autographs, or just go buy stuff from artist alley or vendors hall. Also if you just want to cosplay it is great convention to dress up and make new friends while taking pictures at the same time. If you are a new convention attendee then this is a good one to attend you won’t be overwhelmed and also make sure to read this before you attend Convention Survival Guide.


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If you are seeing this, then hopefully that means the migration was successful. We have also updated the platform our site runs on so there will be a vast amount of changes. We've spent months moving all our content and making sure everything works fine; however, there were several things such as the URL paths which we could not test until we ran it in production.

We decided that it would be best if published the site and work out the little things such as formatting and layout later.

We will continue to post new content as well as fix any broken links or articles.

Thank you for your patience.

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If you are reading this, either the site has successfully migrated over or you are a staff member. Lots to do left!

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This is a test area for The-O Network Online Staff blogs!


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