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The-O Cast Buyers Guide Edition!

This is a special podcast! So special, we don't even have a number for it. Tune in to hear us chat about good buys and good deals this holiday season.

Please, as always, feel free to comment or email with tips and suggestions! Seriously, any news is good news.

  • Written by Theodore Mak
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Podast Episode 3

While we are still hammering out audio issues, we discuss about some of the recent anime series adapted from American intellectual properties such as Iron Man, Batman, and Witchblade. Also hear about some of the changes we have planned for the website and briefly about our Sengoku Basara and Atelier Rorona reviews.

Note, episode 2 will be uploaded later as we are currently trying to play catch up. Episode 4 and 5 should also be uploaded hopefully by the end of this week which should put us back on track schedule-wise.

  • Written by Theodore Mak
  • Parent Category: Featured

The-O Cast Podcast Pilot Episode!

After many bumpy attempts at starting our own podcast, we would like to introduce you to our pilot episode of The-O Cast. In each episode, we discuss briefly some of the latest news at the end of the week ranging from gaming, anime, to music. We spend the other half of the podcasts discussing a key topic or discussion.

In this pilot episode, we discuss about the recently released Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works movie as well as a brief history of the series.

As it is a pilot episode, let us know what you think!

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