Ar tonelico II Localization Answers

Many of you sent us questions and concerns in regards to the localization of Ar tonelico II and we have directed them to NIS America's Marketing Coordinator, Nao Zook at the Prinny Event.


First, Zook made it clear that they have in fact read every email regarding most of their fans concerns for the game; however, for more detailed explanations on more specific name changes will need to be directed at their translations editor who was currently not at event. (Zook promises to forward our questions to their translations editor whom we will be in touch with soon in a later update, stay tuned.)

NIS America understands that the fans love their games very much and they always strive to keep it as intact as possible, but fans also must understand that the Japanese and English language and culture are very different. NIS America felt it was necessary to make some of the changes in order to appeal to a larger audience. NIS does take into fans feedback seriously, and for Ar tonelico II, NIS has added dual audio tracks understanding that some players prefer the original Japanese voice acting over the American.

Zook reassures fans that no text or scene omissions were made for Ar tonelico II. The only possible difference is that while the Japanese game may have some 10,000 odd spoken audio, the American version has around 9,000. This was done partly because of the dubbing schedule.

Ar tonelico II will be released on the Playstation 2 on January 20, 2009. Stay tuned for our review of the game coming soon.

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