Seriously, fansubbers?

Via Sankaku Complex today, it's been reported that the anime Fractale has been pulled from legitimate simulcast websites by the Japanese company because, wait for it, fansubbers have been releasing their own version.


Let's take a moment to put the pieces together.


An anime that is simulcasted, as in, it's released at the same time or earlier than the Japanese original, is being pirated.


We're not talking about an anime that's months or years late for its English debut, we're not talking about Amerian voice actor quality, and we're not talking about poor kids trying to save money. We're talking about a free simulcast being ripped and illegally distributed. Do you need to skip 60 seconds of commercials that badly? Are fansubber quality subtitles that much better than the professional version? There isn't a single legitimate excuse for this.


The issue of piracy is complex and it seems as though, barring a massive third-party economic investigation into the whole thing, we'll never get a complete and accurate picture of how much harm or good it actually causes. This, however, is blatant jackassery. In the case of Fractale, illegal fansubs provided no discernible benefit over the legitimate release, but piracy has directly and negatively impacted the American anime industry. As a cherished friend and industry professional once said, "If you don't pay for it, it goes away." Like I said, piracy in general is very complicated, but this incident is nothing but harmful.


One of the pervasive stances on pirated manga and anime from fans who partake is, "I don't care who distributes it, as long as I get it as fast and as free as possible." I imagine their dream world is a place where all the major manga and anime distributors outside of Japan have finally choked out and died, and all that's left are a handful of mega-sites dedicated to ripping Japanese pop culture. There they will provide translations that are chalked full of spelling, grammatical, and stylistic errors. Translations that are unregulated and unchecked, and possibly used to distribute viruses.


No, legitimate distributors aren't perfect and it would be ignorant to say our legitimately distributed manga and anime get by completely unscathed, but in my mind the benefits of legitimate distribution far outweigh the negatives. Before anyone accuses me of being on a moral high horse, let me say that while my position on pirating is largely impacted by the morality of it, more importantly, I just want my Japanese entertainment with some quality.


Is that really so wrong?

Twimon Game App Available For Download

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. (January 11, 2011) – GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. (Headquarter: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO Kazuki Morishita, from here on “GungHo”) is happy to announce that on Wednesday December 22, 2010 it commenced distribution of “Twimon”, a new Twitter client application for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, developed by GAME ARTS, that lets players nurture monsters and raid regions in the real world.

“Twimon” is a “regional invasion style monster raising application” that comes with all the basic functions of a Twitter client as well as more than 60 different “monsters” on the timeline that can be raised and used to attack/conquer “outposts” that use GPS tracking to make actual buildings seem like the point of attack. Players can randomly acquire monsters still in their eggs and win experience points by tweeting or tapping the screen. Monsters will upgrade as they build their experience points, transform and gain strength as time passes.

When a Twitter-raised monster is sent into an “outpost” that the user wishes to conquer, it will begin its attack. When the outpost’s “endurance level” reaches zero, a new “title” certifying conquest of the outpost will be sent to the user along with other rewards such as a new monster egg.

“Outposts” can be searched from areas surrounding the user’s present location. In addition to stations, public institutions, dining spots and other outposts searched via “category search”, players can also register outposts that do not appear on the search. In addition, when a fellow Twitter user that they follow is in the midst of attacking an outpost, the player can help them conquer that outpost. For example, if a user in California is following a user in New York, the California player can participate in conquering the outpost in New York. Of course, this is on a global scale so players can attack outposts all over the world with players around the globe without so much as taking a step outside the United States. Ways of playing are also varied and players can select the outpost of attack according to their personal preference while others can play to collect all of the monsters.

In addition, players can win “achievements” according to their actions inside the game. There is a wide variety of achievements ranging from “title mania” to “title collector” depending on the number of titles that the player has won. Please search for your own unique playing style.

Items for sale include “recovery potion” that recovers the monster’s stamina or the “adrenadrink” which improves their attacking strength. The “level down milk” is a unique and convenient item for players who do not like the look of their monster after it has transformed to the next level and wishes to bring it back to its old self. Become a Twimon master by playing according to your personal monster rearing and conquering plan!

GungHo will continue to actively pursue contents development that brings to shape a new “playful spirit” and strive to offer “inspiring and fun experiences” to as many customers as possible.

【Basic Information】
Title: Twimon Genre: Regional invasion style monster raising application
Billing method: Free basic play (Per-item billing method) Usage method: Download onto compatible models via “App Store” Twitter account: Twimon_Lab
URL for application download:
Characteristic: Twitter + monster + location game= Twimon! In addition to basic Twitter client functions, users raise their own monsters through “tweets” and “taps” in order to conquer various “outposts!”

Conquer outposts around the world by supporting the attack of following users! Can you get all of the 60 plus monsters!?

Download start date: Wednesday December 22, 2010

Network Service Degradation (Fixed)

We are currently aware of various bugs that are affect general network operations. Affected sections of the site include but not limited to the Forum, Community, Gallery, Search, and Frontpage. Many of these bugs appeared after various site upgrades. We will be working over the course of the week to resolve these issues and will update accordingly.

So What If Japan’s Behind?


Recently, Capcom’s Kenji Inafune stated that Japan’s gaming industry is “five years behind” the west. I look at the games that Japan’s pumping out and can’t help but agree. Even games that I’ve been personally hyped up about, like Vanquish and Asura’s Wrath, seem like they’ve been done before or just recreations of games from western developers. But the key question is this: is that really a bad thing?


A Simple Soccer Game For Everyday Fun!

Torrance, CA (September 20, 2010) – Aksys Games, a publisher of interactive entertainment products, announces the sport title Everyday Soccer for the Nintendo DSiWare™ service.

MangaGamer Announces Trial Version for Koihime Musou

September 11, 2010 - We at MangaGamer are proud to announce that a Trial Version of Koihime Musou is now available.

Hongou Kazuto was just an average, ordinary student at St. Francessca Academy. His biggest goal at the time was to defeat his upperclassman in Kendo. Then, on one fateful night he stood off against a thief trying to steal an ancient artifact from the school museum, and found himself transported back in time to the Three Kingdoms Era of ancient China. But just as he was about to lose his life to a group of armed bandits, a dark-haired beauty came to his rescue and sent the bandits packing. She introduces her self as Kan'u, the legendary warrior known as Guan Yu in historic records, but what's more surprising, is that she is convinced Kazuto is the messenger from Heaven they've been waiting for--the one who will quell the wars enveloping all of China!

WHAT'S the deal with imaginary girls?

So recently, I’ve been playing this game that I know a lot of you have heard of…LovePlus+. I write that with some shame, by the way. And I can’t help but ask myself, “What’s the deal with this game?!”

桃井 はるこ 独占インタビュー




Momo-i:ま ず、何処へ行ったんだっけ?アップルカンパニーのアップルストアにいったり、それと、私ずっとウィンチェスターミステリーハウスにいきたくて、行きたい、 行きたいと思ってたんですけど、やっと念願がかなって行くことができました。十年前ぐらいからサンフランシスコが大好きで、何回か来てたんですよ。で、サ ンノゼとサンフランシスコは比較的近いんで、ウィンチェスターミステリーハウスにずっと行きたいと思っていたんですけど、車を持っていないので行けなく て、今回連れて行ってもらえて、大満足です。






Momo-i:4月に「AKIHABA LOVE RECORDS」と言うレーベルを作りました。それは何で作ろうかと思ったかと言うと、一昨年ぐらいから、海外のコンベンチョンとかによく呼んでいただい てくれるんですが、世界中に秋葉原にあこがれている人がいるということがわかって、私は子供の頃から秋葉原で遊んでいたのでその名前を付けたレーベルを私 が作ることに意味があるかなと思ったからです。なので、一つの秋葉系、秋葉原ミュージックが一つのジャンルとして世界中に広まるように本場からメッセージ して行きたいです!


Momo-i:と ても盛り上がってくれてうれしかったです!すごく皆さん素敵な笑顔でこっちも嬉しくなりました。そして広い会場だったんですが、後ろの方のかたはグロース ティックを振ってくれていたので、聞いてくれていると分かって、とても立体感があって楽しかったです。ほとんど日本語しか喋らなかったんですが、皆さんな んとなく分かってくれてるみたいで、嬉しかったです。






それと秋葉原以外の場所で、例えば名古屋の大須とか、大阪の日本橋でも、いわゆる秋葉系的なライブをやっているアーティストが沢山いるんですね。そ れから、ライブパフォーマンスもそうですが、クラブイベント、クラブミュージックのイベントもとても盛んで、特に名古屋はすごくクラブミュージックがさか んなので、そういうところがとても面白いなと思ってます。秋葉原だけじゃなくて、日本のいろんな都市で秋葉系の音楽で盛り上がっている人がいる状態なんで すよね。


Momo-i:ああ、ニコニコ動画は面白いですね。私が学生の頃はストリートで歌うしか方法がなかったんです ね、メジャーのレコード会社からCDを出さないと沢山の人に聞いてもらう方法が無かったから、私は秋葉原の路上で歌うしかなかったんです。まあ、その頃か らインターネットに動画をアップロードとかをしていたんですが、当時なにぶん電話回線だったので誰も見られなかったんです。インターネットと回線自体が普 通の人に家に無かったので、今はニコニコ動画で何か自分が作った物をどんどん他の人に見てもらえる環境があるということはとっても面白いことだなと思いま す。メジャーのレコード会社から出るっていうだけじゃなくて、いろんな選択肢があることはいいことだと思いますね。

でも一方でネットワークの世界は流れが速いので一週間前のものが一年前みたいに昔に感じられるので、私は「AKIHABA LOVE RECORDS」を作っていい音楽を残していこうと思ったんです。ニコニコ動画とかがある前はCDの役割は、流通させる、広く人に聞いてもらう方法だった んだと思うんですけど、今は「残しておく」というふうに役割が変わったと思うんですね。

なので、ニコニコ動画のアーティストの方とかも、私はどんどんコラボレーションとかをして行きたいと思ってます。実際「AKIHABA LOVE RECORDS」の第一弾シングル「るーじ・ぐーじー」と第三弾シングル「☆自演乙☆ソング」のジャケットデザインはニコニコ動画の初音ミクの曲を作った りしているクリエーターの人にお願いしたりしてます。なので、話が長いけど、とっても面白いんじゃないですか?


Momo-i:こ れからはですね、日本へ帰って、月一回ニコニコ動画でニコニコ生放送でですね、モコモコ60分という番組をやってますので、それはアメリカからでも見られ ますので、まあ、ニコニコ動画は英語が無いんで日本語が分かんないと難しいかもですが、生放送ぜひ見てみてください。アメリカからの書き込みを待ってま す。

そしてですね、「AKIHABA LOVE RECORDS」の5月27日には奥井雅美さんをゲストヴォーカルに迎えてですね、「AKIHABA LOVE RECORDS」第二弾シングル「My Resolution ~あの時計の下で~」が発売されます!そしてですね、6月17日には第三弾シングルでます、「☆自演乙☆ソング」という曲です、この「☆自演乙☆ソング」 はK-1ファイターでオタクの長島☆自演乙☆雄一郎のテーマソングです。詳しくははググってください。はい、あとは8月にはアニメのサマーライブとかに出 たりとか、頑張って行きたいと思います。


Momo-i:新型インフルエンザ?今、日本ではマスクが買えないんですよ、マスク不足でこのあいだ、私大阪の お友達に、マスクを送ったげました。私はこういうヴォイスアクターと歌手の仕事をしているので、マスクをいっぱい家に買ってあるんですよ。なので大阪の友 達がマスクを買えないって困ってたんで、送ってあげたら大変喜ばれました。(笑)はい、みんな気をつけましょうね。



XSEED Games Announces Gold Status and Ship Date For Ivy the Kiwi? for Wii and Nintendo DS

Torrance, Calif., (August 6, 2010) – XSEED Games is pleased to announce today that Ivy the Kiwi? has gone gold and will begin shipping to retailers across North America August 24th, 2010. Ivy the Kiwi? will be available on Wii for the suggested retail price of $29.99 and on Nintendo DS for the suggested retail price of $19.99. Developed by PROPE, the development studio led by the legendary creator of Sonic Yuji Naka, Ivy the Kiwi? is rated "E" for everyone.