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[Medicom] Kyubey 2.0 Plushie

news kyubeyMedicom Toy will be releasing an updated version of their Kyubey plushie from the popular anime series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

From the product photos, this new Kyubey appears to have a few new improvements including a sleeker overall body shape, fluffier tail and ears. Fans who have not already made a 'contract' and purchased this fellow can do so in late December for 3800 yen.

Full product picture inside along with the first version for comparison.

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[Yamato] Elin Elementalist PVC (TERA)

news elinWe have seen previously figure maker Yamato picking up highly popular garage kits and turning them into mass produced PVC figures like with sculptor Bubba's Velvet from Odin Sphere. Yamato is back again, and they will be releasing Cerberus Project's Elin from the MMORPG TERA as part of their SIF EX line.

Absolutely love how they were able to recreate the pearlescent shine of the dress. Sculpt on the hair also looks relatively clean and sharp and overall is very faithful to the original garage kit.

As usual, the actual production model may look different and we'll have to wait and see!

More pictures inside.

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[GSC] Nendoroid Kuroyukihime

nendo-kuroyukihime-1I am a sucker for cute things. Even worse off I am also a sucker for Accel World goodies, so as soon as Good Smile Company released their version of Nendoroid Kuroyukihime. I was INSTANTLY sold.

Just look at dress! How elaborate and detailed it is! It has everything from the butterflies climbing up the dress, to the the folds on the fabric. Even the umbrella is embellished a little.

More info and photos inside.

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[Max Factory] 1/10 PVC Belldandy w/ Holy Bell

news holybellProbably my top pick from the Summer Wonder Festival 2012, Good Smile Company will be celebrating their 25th anniversary by releasing a fully painted 1/10 scale version of their iconic Belldandy figure from Ah! My Goddess!

Although we can't really tell, the model they have on display probably (again we are not sure) isn't going to be the final product and appears to be the original kit, might even be the famed original that has been seen at the Good Smile Office display cabinet. As a note, the original kit was released in 1997 while figure maker Volks released a painted version later in 1999 that was less detailed.

Definitely I am going to preorder this, any other takers? We'll update as soon as we get more information, but since it's scaled at 1/10 and is a PVC, I wouldn't expect it to be too expensive hopefully.

More pictures inside.

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[SkyTube] Date Wingfield Reiko (Fault!!)

news dateFigure maker SkyTube will be releasing a figure of Date Wingfield Reiko from the ero game Fault!! Tony Taka fans will instantly recognize his trademark style in the figure. Apart from the eye candy, this figure's jersey, uniform, and bikini top are completely castoffable.

This looks to be a solid figure and will be released later this year in October. For more photos check out the mini gallery inside (note NSFW).

As a note, SkyTube is an offshoot of figure maker AlphaMax and produces mature figurines similar to Max Factory's Native figure line.

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