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Electronic Expo 2012 Photos

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news E3

Missed going to E3 this year? Fear not, check out our gallery as we bring you photos of jaw dropping booths directly straight from the showroom floor!

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NIS America Press Event 2012 LIVE!!!

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Late post but if you are reading this head over to our twitter page for live updates of NIS America's 2012 Press Event!!!

Full Version PV of "NEW Love Plus" Streamed

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NEW Love Plus, ©Konami Digital EntertainmentEarlier this week, Konami posted the full-version commercial of NEW Love Plus for the Nintendo 3DS to their YouTube channel. It provides a complete overview of the upgraded feature set for the 3DS version over the previous Love Plus and Love Plus + games for the DS. Below is a list of features covered in the trailer with a brief description of each, the trailer itself is embedded after the break.

  • Upgraded graphics: Higher resolution models and textures to take advantage of the better 3DS processor.
  • Gyro System: Use of the gyroscope feature within the 3DS to allow you to move the system around and view your girlfriend from different angles, including above and below.
  • Photo Taking: You can take a photo of your girlfriend at any time to capture a particular expression or look during a scene for later viewing.
  • Boyfriend Lock: By using the front-facing camera, your girlfriend will react differently to other faces in front of the 3DS compared to your own.
  • Hybrid-AR Camera: By using the camera on the back of the 3DS, your girlfriend will pose accordingly, such as sitting on a couch or park bench.
  • Girlfriend Introduction: Again, using the front-facing camera, you can introduce your girlfriend to your real friends.
  • 3D Vision: Using the upper 3D screen of the 3DS, you can view your girlfriend in 3D.
  • Date Anywhere: Using the camera AR feature, you can see your girlfriend interacting with any location you visit.
  • Users' Communication: You can share information about dating spots with other NEW Love Plus players.
  • Data Transfer: You can import your progress data from both DS games into NEW Love Plus.

NEW Love Plus homepage:

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Atelier Meruru PS3 NA and EU Announced! (video)

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news meruruYes Atelier fans, NIS America has announced on Friday that they will be releasing the third Arland installment, Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland in North America and Europe this May. Full details as well as the prologue trailer inside.

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Gundam SD Capsule Fighter Coming to US

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news sd_capsuleGundam fans will be excited to hear that SD Gundam Capsule Fighter, a MMOTPS created by Softmax, was announced to be released in the US by an online game publisher, OGPlanet.  The game was originally released in Korea during the summer of 2007.  At the time, the game was only available to those who held a Korean National ID number.  Luckily, my housemate, who happened to be from Korea, was able to sign up for an account and I got to try out the game.  Without a doubt, the game was fun and I'll be playing this again when it's released.

The game is played through multiplayer online battles where players have full command of their mobile suit.  There are also missions in the game that offers rewards when you complete them.  For me, it was all about collecting and trying out new and different mobile suits.  One of the great features of this game is that there are many ways of obtaining mobile suits either by renting one for a limited time, using Astros (out of pocket money), spending points (in-game currency) on capsule machines, or by mixing mobile suits.

The variety of mobile suits available in the game is astonishing.  They have mobile suits from the old Gundam series such as Universal Century to the more recent ones like Mobile Suit Gundam 00.  With over 300 mobile suits available in the game, they are classified into four ranks: S, A, B, and C rank.  In addition to ranks, mobile suits are also categorized based on their specialty such as hand-to-hand combat (phase blades, fists), long-range (guns), or multi-role (balanced).

There wasn't a release date given, but a closed beta test is planned to start November 2nd, 2011 for those who are interested. If you like to participate, you would need to register an account with OGPlanet, "like" the SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Facebook page, and submit your email address.  But be quick, there's only a limited amount of beta keys given out.  For anyone who loves mechs or shooting games, I highly recommend trying out this game.  Plus, it's free.

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