Technology Manga's Brave New World

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JManga LogoFans of anime and manga have been very aware of how powerful digital distribution can be, but that power traditionally stemmed from the hands of thieves. Some of them, like Crunchyroll, have become legitimate online distributors, but others like fell by the wayside. Although many manga fans mourned the loss of that behemoth den of pirates, the industry has finally caught up; however, the original publishers are circumventing oversees licenses. Where oh where does this rabbit hole end.

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Greasy Fingers While Snacking Solved! (Gadget)

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Japan is quite famous for creating a slew of odd devices and gadgets, and now we have the Potato Chips' Hand (Potechi no Te)! Toy company, Takara Tomy unveiled this nifty trinket at the TOY Forum 2010. We all know that greasy/grainy feeling on our hands while snacking (I'm looking at you Cheetos), what's worse is when we are using a computer or handheld device. The Portato Chips' Hand essentially acts like a pair of tongs, with an advertised "No Broken Clutch System" that grips the snack perfectly regardless of how hard you press. Gamers will definitely find this device welcoming during those long play sessions. The Potato Chips' Hand will retail for 699 yen and should be out in June 2010 with three different color choices, green, orange, and brown. A demonstration video and a few pictures inside.

Source: Gigazine

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