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NEOGEO Station Review - Relive That Childhood

Bringing back some nostalgia for the 90’s gamer, SNK Playmore has released NEOGEO Station on the Playstation Network, which can be accessed from the PS3. This is largely a celebration of SNK’s 20th anniversary in 2010. Included in this package are 10 titles, many of which will bring back fond memories for older gamers, but may also destroy some childhood memories.

The 10 titles included within are Alpha Mission II, Art of Fighting, Baseball Stars Professional, Fatal Fury, League Bowling, Magician Lord, Metal Slug, Samurai Showdown, Super Sidekicks, and The King of Fighters ’94. The list is filled with a plethora of recognizable names for SNK fans.  Each title separately will cost the consumer $8.99 per title, which is a nice idea for those who may not like every single game on the list. But buyers beware, you should take into account that these games were created in the early 90’s and I highly recommend you purchase it for nostalgia factor rather than gameplay because, let’s face it, 24 bits can only take you so far.

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Alpha Mission II
If you remember Alpha Mission II, it’s a classic shooter where you can upgrade your ship or fighter while using tactics and reflexes to finish each mission.

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Art of Fighting
Remember those days of bonus missions in early fighting games?  From Mortal Kombat to Street Fighter, Art of Fighting had a big influence and redefined the bonus games by incorporating breaking blocks of ice and bottles to gain points for your end score. That alone is enough for me to play Art of Fighting.

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Baseball Stars Professional

I remember playing this game as a young teen with its satire on baseball.  If you want to see what baseball games were like before modern games like The Show, with its simulation gameplay, this is the way to go.

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Fatal Fury

This was SNK’s first fighting game, which introduced the legendary Bogard brothers and Joe Higashi.  The revolutionary system of fighting where you use both the background and foreground as the battle field is included.

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League Bowling

Take a seat, Wii Sports. This is the original bowling game where you have the option of choosing which hand you’re using to throw the ball and a power bar so you can get that strike.

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Magician Lord

I always was interested in this game as a child and even playing it now, it doesn’t disappoint. Its challenging gameplay is a testament to SNK’s quality game design from the olden days, and fun factor is still superb. The storyline is still entertaining, bringing back memories of being a child.

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Metal Slug

What can I write about this game that most readers don’t already know?  Metal Slug is one of the most iconic side scrolling shooters of the 90’s, even the original is as fun as its predecessors, playing the game through with a buddy or solo will keep players in their gaming chairs all night long.

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Samurai Showdown

This popular series took arcades by storm during the 90’s and you can play the game that started it all.  From Haohmaru to Hanzo, the memorable samurai characters are all here. Personally, I prefer later games in the series, all of which boasted superior graphics and gameplay. However, you kind of step into this package expecting the old or, as some would say, nostalgic graphics.

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Super Sidekicks

This soccer was what introduced me to soccer. I was so entranced by this game as a child, but upset that each half was so short and I had to insert another token to continue, even if I had won.  Good news is that, with this purchase, I can set the time limit and progress through the whole World Cup.

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The King of Fighters ‘94

A big King of Fighters fan, I remember playing this game both in arcades and on every console port I could get my hands on.  Introducing the three-character team battle system and incorporating fighting characters from other SNK franchises, this was hailed as the first dream game. It certainly doesn’t hold up to newer iterations, but it’s a nice reminder of where things started.

The SNK bundle is a fun buy, but should be considered as fluff. If you’re a die hard SNK fan or someone who wants to experience 90’s games at their finest, then it is a must buy. Otherwise, stick with the current generation of games and enjoy your simulation sports games or feature-packed fighting games instead.

Score: 7/10

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