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The Fox Sister (Book/Comic) Review


Created by web comic designers Christina Strain (writer, artist) and Jayd Alt-Kaci (artist), The Fox Sister is a weekly supernatural series that explores the life of its Korean protagonist, Yun Hee Cho, in her quest to take revenge on the shape-shifting fox demon known as kumiho. Seven years prior to the present day course of events, Yun Hee Cho’s parents and sister were brutally slaughtered by the kumiho, whom has now taken the form of her dead sister, Cho Sun Hee to seduce and kill her victims.

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The Otaku Encyclopedia Review

review otakuencylopediaWho here is sick and tired of reading about Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and Neon Genesis Evangelion in academic or fan literature? I certainly am, there's a world after Eva, and there are things in Japanese culture that can be appreciated that don't have ninjas. Well, for those of you who don't know what moe is, or have no idea what shokushu-kei is, there is The Otaku Encyclopedia by Patrick Galbraith (the guy with the DBZ hair, you might have seen him before on various websites.

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