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Personal Accounts

    Benjamin Eng
    Tomoaki Hirai
    Troy Leong
Guests of Honors


    Black and White Ball
    Ball Room Dancing
    Dealers Hall
    eGaming Room
    FaniMaid Cafe
    Inui Sketch Session
    Swap Meet

    Gurren Lagann
    Sekihiko Inui
    Naruto Xbox 360


Welcome to the homepage of The-O Network Online's FanimeCon 2007 Con Report! This year's Fanime had a lot to offer including the first annual FaniMaid Cafe, the Black and White Ball, and a special visit by Seikihiko Inui, manga artist for Comic Party and creator of Murder Princess! We've got an extensive report lined up!

Check out our review on Fanime's FaniMaid cafe including exclusive pictures. From the Masquerade, we got a ton (I am not joking) of pictures taken from the front of the stage. Lastly, we were at Sekihiko Inui's private sketch session for the lucky raffle winners.

We apologize for the delays, we've gotten most of the Panel Reports up; it will take some more time to finish editing the Personal Accounts. This is also our very first official Con Report, so please offer any suggestions or comments on how we can improve our future Reports in the forums!

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On: June 26, 2007

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