7 Trillion Girls at the Supermarket

Barcode Kanojo or Barcode Grilfriend is a new application developed by Cybird that allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to take pictures of barcodes and wind up with randomly generated girlfriends. There will be more than 7 trillion possible generated girls, which will test the size limits of harems everywhere.

Reportedly, the application will make use of the accelerometer to give players interaction with their newfound girlfriends. There are many girls to generate since there are so many different barcodes at any given store. No word yet on whether specific barcodes will lead to the same generated girls, which may lead to awkward moments between close friends who scan the same products.

Barcode Kanojo will be a free app and iPhone users can take part in the beta by visiting the official website this September. For now, players can register their email on the website to know exactly when they can access the beta. After downloading the beta, players can start their quest to "scan 'em all."

    [Source: andriasang.com]

Last modified on Saturday, 31 March 2012 03:25
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