A Visual Novel That Moves Naturally

Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai or My Little Sister Can't be This Cute is making its way from the pages of a light novel to the Playstation Portable as a visual novel. It will use a special new visual technology called Live2D that will make interacting with different characters a new and interesting experience.


Live2D is bringing innovation to how players will participate in conversations between characters. Live2D allows transitions between characters expressions to be much more realistic as compared to other visual novel games. This will probably allow more of a connection between the player and various characters they may interact with.

My Little Sister follows the story of 17-year-old Kyosuke Kosaka and his little sister Kirino. As with most siblings, Kyosuke and Kirino don't get along very well, but everything changes when Kirino finds a hidden adult video game called "Lets Fall in Love with Little Sister!" within the house. The game's story centers on the events right after Kirino finds the adult game and the awkward adventure with her ensues.

Interested readers can visit the My Little Sister’s official website to learn more about the game, if they don't mind navigating a Japanese website. Fans can also take a look at how Live2D works by visiting its official website. My Little Sister may not be a game for everyone, but the new Live2D technology may bring in some new fans to the visual novel genre.

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[Source: andriasang.com]

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