Full Version PV of "NEW Love Plus" Streamed

NEW Love Plus, ©Konami Digital EntertainmentEarlier this week, Konami posted the full-version commercial of NEW Love Plus for the Nintendo 3DS to their YouTube channel. It provides a complete overview of the upgraded feature set for the 3DS version over the previous Love Plus and Love Plus + games for the DS. Below is a list of features covered in the trailer with a brief description of each, the trailer itself is embedded after the break.

  • Upgraded graphics: Higher resolution models and textures to take advantage of the better 3DS processor.
  • Gyro System: Use of the gyroscope feature within the 3DS to allow you to move the system around and view your girlfriend from different angles, including above and below.
  • Photo Taking: You can take a photo of your girlfriend at any time to capture a particular expression or look during a scene for later viewing.
  • Boyfriend Lock: By using the front-facing camera, your girlfriend will react differently to other faces in front of the 3DS compared to your own.
  • Hybrid-AR Camera: By using the camera on the back of the 3DS, your girlfriend will pose accordingly, such as sitting on a couch or park bench.
  • Girlfriend Introduction: Again, using the front-facing camera, you can introduce your girlfriend to your real friends.
  • 3D Vision: Using the upper 3D screen of the 3DS, you can view your girlfriend in 3D.
  • Date Anywhere: Using the camera AR feature, you can see your girlfriend interacting with any location you visit.
  • Users' Communication: You can share information about dating spots with other NEW Love Plus players.
  • Data Transfer: You can import your progress data from both DS games into NEW Love Plus.

NEW Love Plus homepage: http://www.konami.jp/products/newloveplus/

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