The Gold Saucer Returns! (Final Fantasy XIV)

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Final Fantasy fans rejoice! In the upcoming update to the MMO Final Fantasy XIV, Square-Enix has released a new patch trailer that features the Gold Saucer's triumph return as the Manderville Gold Saucer. Built around a Cactuar, the building itself resembles the original Gold Saucer from Final Fantasy VII and the theme song can be heard through the venue in game. In addition to some new mini games, some of the fan favorites make a return including Chocobo racing, UFO catcher, and basketball. As an added bonus, the addicting card game found in Final Fantasy VIII, Triple Triad, also makes a return with updated rules and revamped interface. 

Players should start stockpiling their Gil as the Gold Saucer is set to open in patch 2.51 in late February.

Make sure to check out the trailer for yourself inside!


Sekai Project Reaches Goal for CLANNAD Kickstarter


Fueled by the passion of Key fans worldwide, English localization group, Sekai Project's recently released Kickstarter campaign for the translation of CLANNAD managed to reach its target stretch goal of over $140,000.00 within twenty-four hours of its launch. Currently, both the $1,000.00 and $7,000.00 pledge tiers are all sold out, with Sekai Project hinting that they are currently looking to adding a few more spots to the $1,000.00 tier which includes an exclusive B2 tapestry and autographed copy of the game by Key artist Itaru Hinoue. The company has also announced that they are currently exploring bringing over the HD assets from the PlayStation 3 release of CLANNAD.


The Witch and the Hundred Knight (PS3) Review


The quirky game studio Nippon Ichi is back again with their latest title The Witch and the Hundred Knight but this time with an action game instead of the usual strategy RPGs that they are well known for. Even if this new title sports gameplay that is more akin to games like Path of the Exile and the Diablo series, don't let that fool you into thinking that The Witch and the Hundred Knight is no NIS game. Chock full of whimsy and maniacal fun, The Witch and the Hundred Knight has all the trademarks of the NIS brand: tons of humoristic scenarios and characters, surprising gameplay elements, and a very addictive battle system.


Sekai Project Working on English Localization of Visual Novel Fault Milestone One


Fresh off of their release of the titles Narcissu 1st & 2nd and World End Economica on the Steam distribution platform, English localization group has announced that they are working on a translation of Japanese amateur group Alice in Dissonance's visual novel Fault Milestone One.


Google and Nintendo Team-Up for Pokémon-Related April Fools Joke


Whether you've managed to catch all 649 Pokémon to date or are just beginning to walk your very first steps out of Kanto, Google's latest April Fools joke will have you screaming like a 9 year-old girl who just caught her very first Jigglypuff. Teaming up with Nintendo, Google has released their 2014 April Fools Joke, "Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge" where players explore around map apps on their smartphones in their quest to become a Pokémon master and catch them all.

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