Fanime 08 - Now with lotsa Gainax

 A slew of last minute additions have cropped up on the Panels page of the Fanime website today, and guess what? They're all Gainax related: 
Last Minute Additions

What’s a Gainax?
The origins of Gainax straight from the source.  And learn what the word “Gainax” means and comes from.

A day in a Life at Gainax
Hear directly from the president of Gainax to an animator in the trenches, what a typical day at Gainax can be like.  Plus, what’s it like in the smoke chamber?

Bandai Entertainment talks about Gurren Lagann
Bandai Entertainment will talk about the US release of Gurren Lagann with some Gainax staff participating in the panel.

Animating and Unlocking Gurren Lagann
A loose panel where some of the animators and production staff talk about the love and hardships that occurred during production of Gurren Lagann. Plus, the production staff can answer rabid fan questions regarding the Gurren universe. (May run late.) --
In addition to the newly announced panels, Fanime will also be treating us to a premiere of the official U.S. subbed Gurren Lagann episodes from Bandai Entertainment. Check the flyers included in your con bags for event times. 
Considering we've been teased about what Gainax's appearance at Fanime may bear, this is some great news. Fanime is a mere two days away, and my excitement is about to boil over.
UPDATE: A minor schedule has been posted. It appears Fanime will be devoting an entire room this year for Gainax in Ballroom B. ~Theo
12:00 - Gainax Tribute 30min
12:30 - Royal Space Force: Wings of Honnamise 125 min
2:30 - Gunbuster The Gattai movie 95 min
5pm-6pm "What's a Gainax?"
7pm-8pm "A Day in a Life at Gainax"

12:00 - Nadia ep 1-2 48 min
1:00 - Kare Kano ep 14 24 min
1:30 - Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi ep 13 24 min
2:00 - Gurren-Laggan episodes premier of US subtitles from Bandai Entertainment.
5pm-6pm - "Bandai Entertainment talks about Gurren Lagann"

12:00 FLCL 1-2 (60 min)
1:00 Diebuster The Gattai movie 95 min
2:30 Rebuild of Evangelion movie 1hr 38min
Panel @ 9pm: "Animating and Unlocking Gurren Lagann"
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