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Capcom Announces Megaman Universe! stars

Capcom has just announced a new Megaman game, called Megaman Universe. Currently, there are no details except for a stop motion teaser trailer without any gameplay whatsoever. All that we know at the moment is that it will be available on both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.However, the trailer features other Capcom characters like Ryu from Street Fighter and Arthur from Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts. Perhaps it was inspired by the recent fan-made Super Mario Crossover? Capcom will likely reveal more at Comic-Con, along with the freebies they’ll be handing out like Megaman Universe Mega Busters. For more information, visit Capcom’s blog here. Press release after the jump.

NIS America Announces Cladun stars

Cladun: This is an RPG, originally titled Classic Dungeon in Japan, was one of the few games whose release was announced at NIS America press event. However, contrary to the expectation, the game was not actually great, but rather quite disappointing. At least, that is the impression I had from playing it for about half an hour.

NIS America Announces Z.H.P. stars

For fans who liked Disgaea, they will be happy to know there is going to be a similar game called Zettai Hero Kaizou Keikaku (it will be localized in the US being called Z.H.P. ~Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman~) coming out between Fall or Winter 2010. It will be available in UMD format for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) as well as for download on the PlayStation Network. From the initial trailer and gamplay, it looks like the gameplay will be very similar to Disgaea's; however, the protagonist will have no party members. Supposedly there are “40 million ways to play” the game, though leveling up may or may not be as repetitive as in Disgaea. The promised countless combinations seem very appealing due to each combination having its own specific feature. This may be a hit-or-miss feature, as seen in other games that have tried it in the past.

Ar tonelico 3 for US Confirmed as Qoga stars

NIS America announced on Thursday at their press event that Ar tonelico III: The Girl's Song that Pulls the Trigger of World's Demise will be localized in the United States as Ar tonelico Qoga ~Knell of Ar Ciel~ . The game has been estimated to be released in Spring 2011. Although the game was not present for play testing and no video footage was shown, we did get to sit down with the game’s localization manager, Ryuta Sato to address some of the questions and concerns some of our readers had.

Live NIS America 2010 Press Event Coverage stars

NIS America's press event is kicking off tonight at 6PM PST tonight in San Francisco. Apart from Ar tonelico 3 which will most likely be announced, we're also expecting a possible dungeon game for the PSP and a special guest from Nippon Ichi Software Japan to be in attendance... We'll be there providing you live updates, photos, and coverage on our twitter feed, so be sure to keep an eye there!

If you have any particular questions or concerns you would like us to address during event, feel free to post in the comments.

[An embargo was placed on the contents of the press asset CD until 12PM on 7/16/2010, which we honored. There was no mention of an embargo on the event itself.]

Last Window Dated in Europe stars

While it was only a cult favorite, Hotel Dusk: Room 215 has a sequel dated in Europe for September 17. Titled Last Window: The Secret of Cape West, it stars Kyle Hyde one year after Hotel Dusk and features the same noir style graphics. Fans of visual novels should enjoy this story driven series that makes good use of the stylus controls. Sadly, the original developer, CING, is bankrupt. The title is being published by Nintendo, but no word yet on an American release. If it does well enough in Europe, perhaps we will see it come over to American shores, a possible revival of CING, and maybe even a third game...?

[Source: Joystiq]

Sengoku BASARA Comes October 12! stars

Japanese history lovers can rejoice! Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes will come to North America on October 12. It will be available for both the Wii and Playstation 3 - odd choice of consoles, considering the performance differences. Based on the description of the game and gameplay videos we've seen, it looks like a hack and slasher. It will be interesting to see it compete with the current king of hack and slashers, Tecmo Koei, and its titles coming out later this year - Samurai Warriors on the Wii and Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Official description from Capcom following the jump.

New Arc System Works Game? stars

A quick visit to Arc System Works' homepage will reveal a countdown timer, which will hit zero on July 23. Most of the time, these countdowns lead to a new game announcement. Considering that BlazBlue: Continuum Shift just hit Japanese consoles earlier this month and will come to American shores on July 27, it’s unlikely that a new one would be announced so soon. On the other hand, Guilty Gear has been on hiatus for a while now and Daisuke Ishiwatari has stated that a title is in the works. We can only wait ten more days and see.

[Source: Arc System Works via Flowerpoop]

EVO2010 Results stars

This year's Evolution Fighting Game Championships boasted some of the most surprising results to date. These included two pad players, Shizza and Vance “Vangief” Wu, placing top eight in Super Street Fighter IV, Taiwanese sensation Bruce “Gamerbee” Hsiang eliminating US champion Justin Wong, and top two placers for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix were both new school players, shutting out legends like Daigo Umehara and Jason “Afrocole” Cole. To America's devastation, Umehara managed to take the gold in Super Street Fighter IV, keeping northern California's EG.Ricky Ortiz at second place. A stream was available at both G4TV and Shoryuken, but it crashed several times throughout the weekend due to technical difficulties, most notably during the Super Street Fighter IV grand finals. Hopefully this won’t be an issue next year and the stream’s producers, Level|Up, will take note. Videos of the finals are available at EVO’s Youtube channel here. Results after the jump.

[Source: Shoryuken]

Japan Reveals New PS3 SKUs stars

Starting July 29, new white and black 160GB PS3 and black 320GB PS3s will be available in Japan. These will retail for ¥29,980 ($342) and ¥34,980 ($399) respectively. The white PS3 is certainly good news because there’s no indication that it is a limited run, which will open it up for people who want to buy systems in different colors but not want a decal that says “Final Fantasy XIII” on it. The slowly increasing hard drive size is becoming a bit of a nuisance, considering that few things can actually take up the 120GB on current models, much less the 160GB or 320GB that will be available. Considering that the old models will be replaced by the newer models, however, at least consumers won’t have to pay extra and a lucky few can even snag the remaining older models at discounted prices. No word yet on a US release.

[Source: GameSpot]