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Trinity Universe Heads to the USA!

NIS America has announced Tuesday that they will be bringing Trinity Universe Stateside for the Playstation 3. The game is a collaboration project among Nippon Ichi Software, Gust, and Idea Factory aimed at the RPG audience. We had previously mentioned about this game when it was first announced for Japan here. Probably the most exciting feature is that fans will be able to see their favorite characters from both the Disgaea and Atelier series, such as Etna and Flonne, rendered in 3D for the first time! Players can get their hands on the game this coming June.

Press release inside.

Full Street Fighter IV Roster Revealed

With the Game Developers Conference 2010 in San Francisco, Super Street Fighter IV's full roster has finally been revealed. After months of teasing and introducing several characters at a time, Capcom finally showed off Hakan, the newest fighter to join the ranks of Ryu and Ken. WIth this, Super Street Fighter IV clocks in at 10 new fighters and 29 total. For anyone who has not kept up with Capcom's press releases, the 10 new characters are T. Hawk and Dee Jay from Super Street Fighter II Turbo; Adon and Cody from the Street Fighter Alpha series; Dudley, Makoto, and Ibuki from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike; Juri, a brand new Tae Kwon Do fighter, and Hakan, a comical new grappler who uses oil as a primary part of his arsenal.

DJ Max Technika 2 -Crew Race- Website Launched

DJ Max Technika fans rejoice!  The Korean company Neowiz has officially launched the 'DJ Max Technika 2 -Crew Race-' website.  With flashing colors and a bleeding rainbow, this website is the first news and official annoucement of the coming sequel to the ever so popular DJ Max Technika arcade machine.

No official details have been provided as of yet, as the website was launched mere hours ago, but with a name like "Crew Race" we can assume new features such as new songs, an improved Platinum Crew Service and possibly crew competitions.

Follow the link to get an explosion of eye candy.


Final Fantasy XIV Alpha Begins

With the recent excitement of Blizzard Entertainment's Starcraft II closed beta release, apparently Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG alpha testing is going live next week on March 11, 2010. Reports are flying in about people already having received an invitational email. In addition, a beta test site for the game has popped up online. As a reminder, this is an alpha testing, typically done to check to see if everything is running properly. Players who have not received an invite do not need to worry, as Square Enix has announced several closed beta tests as well as an open beta months after the end of alpha.

"Additionally, several closed Beta Tests and a larger-scale open Beta Test are scheduled to take place in the months following the conclusion of the Alpha Test. As an Alpha Test participant, you will be able to take part in all of these."

Interested participants who have not signed up for beta can still do so on the official homepage.


Next Gundam VS Announced

At the Arcade Operators Union Entertainment Expo, Namco Bandai has just announced a fall 2010 release date for the follow up to Gundam vs Gundam NEXT and Gundam vs Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. Currently, details are slim, but the announcement trailer seemed to be laced with previously unplayable mobile suits like the GM and suits from Crossbone Gundam, which is a strong sign that they will be included in the mobile suit roster this time around. The end of the trailer also includes a teaser website.

E3 2010 Exhibitor List Revealed

With only four months until the event, E3 has finally released a list of exhibitors. The list includes big names, like Capcom and Sega, and smaller companies alike. Sadly, some names seem to be missing from that list, such as BlazBlue publisher AkSys Games and Bayonetta developer Platinum Games. Since registration is still open, hopefully those companies, and others, will begin popping up in the coming months. The current list is available here.

Nier Coming April 27, 2010

Square Enix's new action adventure game, Nier, will be coming to American shores on April 27, 2010 - a mere three days after its Japanese release date. Details are sparse at the moment, but with the game coming out in a couple of months, we should find out more as the release date nears. With so many games having such short periods between American and Japanese release dates recently, one has to wonder why game developers haven't been doing this longer. The game stars Nier as the main character with his controversial partner, Kaine who apparently is a hermaphrodite. Note, that the game is being developed by Cavia and published by Square Enix. For more information, visit the game's official website here.

Keychains Feature Imaginary Battles

First shown on the official Japanese Street Fighter IV's Nakky blog a week ago, a keychain that replicates voice clips from Street Fighter II will be available in March. Bandai has also released a video showing the keychain in action, which includes the generic battle sound effects and voice clips feature we've seen in other gadgets before it. However, this one also includes an "imaginary battle" feature that allows users to fight against "imaginary opponents" and progress through the arcade mode using only the keychain. Better yet, different people who own keychains can fight against each other! Players who don't want to see their characters lose on screen should definitely look forward to these. Sadly, the previous set of Street Fighter IV keychains didn't make it to American shores, so these probably won't have much luck either. Hit the jump for the full video from Bandai.

Megaman Zero Collection Coming Stateside

Shortly after being announced for release in Japan, Megaman Zero Collection for the DS will also come to North American shores. Fans can look forward to all four Megaman Zero games from the GBA in one card Summer 2010. No word yet on whether there will be graphical updates, but hopefully they will touch up the sprites. On the other hand, the press release mentions new modes, but there are no further details at this time. This comes as great news to Megaman fans waiting for something new to play. It's refreshing to see Capcom respond to fans' demand for this game to come stateside so quickly; now let's hope they do something about the boxart for Super Street Fighter IV...

Full press release after the jump

Disgaea Infinite Announced for the US

Yes the lovable dead penguins are back, as NIS America announces yesterday that they will be localizing the visual novel Disgaea Infinite. Players will take on the role as a Prinny who has obtained a clock that allows it to possess other characters in order to solve the mystery of who tried to kill the Overlord, Laharl. Expect the same quirky humor the Disgaea series has been known for. The game is roughly estimated to be release in May 2010 for the Playstation Portable. Stay tuned for our review for the game in the coming months.
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