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Sekai Project’s 2013 Moe Headphones Doujin Book Surpasses Expectations on Kickstarter

Sekai Project 2013 Moe Headphones Kickstarter Project

Illustrated by Lunatic Joker, a circle (group) name for Tsukigami Luna (pen name), Sekai Project has launched a Kickstarter campaign to translate a 52-page softcover book featuring six designer headphones accentuated with ‘kawaii’ girls wearing the equipment. The book also includes headphone discussions with nine different Namco sound engineers and more.


LiSA 2014 Budokan Concert Report


Japanese popstar LiSA held her very first concert at the prestigious Nippon Budokan arena on January 3, 2014. For many artists, performing at Budokan is an honor and a life long dream. The-O Network was fortunate enough to attend and provide coverage of the sold out event. If you are a fan of Fate/Zero or Sword Art Online, chances are you will recognize songs that were performed that night.


ClariS 1st Live Report

ClariS event

On January 5, 2014, Japanese hit duo sensation ClariS held their first live event titled 2014 New Year's Festival Hajimari no Yokan at Zepp Tokyo. Tickets were sold on a lottery basis. At the event ClariS revealed their newest character image designed from the upcoming anime adaptation of Nisekoi which will feature ClariS' song, "CLICK."

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