SCANDAL 2015 Singapore Concert Photos stars

For those that are into the J-Rock and Anime scene, chances are you probably came across the internationally well-known all girls band Scandal’s music.  The band is currently on their worldwide tour to spread their music, having just finished their Europe, Singapore, and Taiwan stops. Check out some photos from their Singapore concert, and will be providing you coverage of their three USA stops in the upcoming weeks, be on a lookout as we’ll be having giveaways from the band themselves.

LiSA Concert Impressions @ Anime Boston stars


As I'm sure that you're already familiar with this artist from seeing all the concert coverage reports we have produced, LiSA is no stranger to being under the spotlight and rocking out her tunes to a sold out concert. Having just finished her two day Budokan concert, LiSA made haste to begin her world tour with her first stop at Anime Boston, and The-O Network was privileged enough to be at the event to provide coverage of the powerful concert.

ANISONG WORLD TOUR to Invade Vegas January 16th and 17th stars


In conjunction with Otakon Vegas 2015, Japanese and anime music label Lantis Records recently announced that they will be bringing seven major artists to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on January 16th and 17th to spread word about Anisong to American fans. Scheduled to tour across six cities, Lantis will be kicking off the ANISONG WORLD TOUR- LANTIS FESTIVAL in Nevada to bring American fans the enjoyment of anime and video game music.

Featured singers include: JAM Project, Yoko Ishida, Yousei Teikoku, ChouCho, Faylan, Sayaka Sasaki and bamboo of milktub fame.

Perfume WORLD TOUR 3rd Los Angeles Impressions stars

news Perfume

By now you may have heard of the international hit sensation Perfume. Their music has been featured in Pixar's Cars 2 movie and they recently made a cameo appearance in American alternative rock group OK Go's music video, "I Won't Let You Down." On November 9, 2014, after two “World Tours” oddly both skipping North America, I am composing this article as Perfume is performing live on stage at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. Check out our report!

Luna Haruna Builds Gunpla on Display at the Gundam Expo stars

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Luna Haruna is well known for her love of anime and manga culture. As a singer, her music has been featured in Fate/Zero and Sword Art Online. Luna tweeted photos from her visit to the Gundam Expo World Tour in Akihabara. Check out below for more information.

New ClariS Member Karen Revealed in Lis Ani! Magazine stars


Earlier this week, the official Japanese website for the pop duo ClariS was updated with a character visual for the newest member Karen, illustrated by Otohiko Takano. As the replacement for Alice, who left the duo to focus on her studies, Karen made her debut with the song "Clear Sky," which was included as a bonus CD with M-ON! Entertainment's Lis Ani! Magazine.

The magazine also revealed that the duo will be singing the ED for the upcoming Tsukimonogatari anime, Border and that they will be doing their very first live show during Lis Ani! Live 5 on January 25, 2015.

ANISONG World Tour to Feature a Las Vegas Pit Stop in 2015 stars


As part of the Lantis Festival 2014 Tokyo Live, it was announced by Jam project member, Kageyama Hironobu that there will be an Overseas tour tour starting in Las Vegas from January 16-17th, followed by a stop in Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Taipei and one additional city.

“Persona Concert” to be Held at Taiyou Con Next January stars


For fans of video game JRPG series Persona, Shoji Meguro's evocative compositions have always played a key role in accentuating the immersive environments found in the Shin Megami Tensei, Catherine and Trauama Center video game series. Most recently, his popularity has skyrocketed thanks to in part to his Persona 3 and Persona 4 soundtracks featuring the vocals of Shihoko Hirata, Lotus Juice and Yumi Kawamura.

Man With A Mission Concert Impressions stars


Although wolves might be extinct in the wilderness of Japan, they continue to live on the stage in the music industry. On July 8, the Japanese band, Man With A Mission, graced San Francisco with their presence. The venue was at the Bottom of the Hill in the Portrero Hill neighborhood. Compared to some of the venues I've been to before, the one that Man With A Mission played at was tiny. They've sold out places like the Nippon Budokan and various arenas around Japan as well as appeared at France's massive Japan Expo. For a band that only a few years ago was self-produced they have had a meteoric rise.

Perfume 3rd World Tour Includes USA! stars

news 3rdtour perfume

After being excluded from the first two world tours, fans in America can finally rejoice as the hit electronica idol group Perfume will be performing in the United States on November 9th, 2014 in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Palladium. Oddly enough, the group will also be performing on November 15th, 2014 at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York after performing in the UK on November 12th.

The Hollywood Palladium has a capacity of 3700 people while the Hammerstein can hold 2200 people and tickets will be handled through Ticket Master at roughly $35 not counting any additional applicable fees. No word yet when tickets will become available or on tour goods yet but we’ll let know as soon as more information is released. Besides USA and the UK, Taiwan and Singapore will also be part of the tour stop. We've included the tour trailer announcement below.

Which song would you want to see Perfume perform live?

You can find some additional information on the world tour's official page.

UPDATE: Tickets will be available to purchase here on Friday June 27, 2014 at 9AM PDT and be $48.35 ($35 ticket + $13.35 fee.) You may purchase presale tickets a day early on Thursday at 10AM PDT if you enter the presale code: loyalfan