BoA at SF Pride Parade Report stars

In an effort to clear out the backlogging of articles before the new year, here's one of the first. Pop Korean star BoA made a visit on stage at the San Francisco Pride Parade on Sunday June 28, 2009. Appearing at a rather odd event, that didn't stop thousands of BoA fans from showing up in droves with cameras and camecorders.

For the anime fans, they may vaguely remember BoA for her song Every Heart (Minna no Kimochi) used as the third ending for Inyasha the anime.

Regardless of some of the problems, the performance starting almost an hour late and a cameraman in front of the stage blocking the audience’s view, it was definitely a welcomed wait for fans. Short video clip as well as photos from the front of the stage inside.

Kohaku Uta Gassen's 60th Anniversary stars

This year marks the 60th anniversary of one of Japan's most watched New Year's Eve show, Kohaku Uta Gassen. A musical show hosted by Japanese broadcasting company NHK, the performers are separated into two teams, red for the females, and white for the males. This year, Nana Mizuki, probably most famous for her voice acting role in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha as Fate Testarossa, will join the red team in her first appearance on the show. Mizuki had also appeared earlier this year at the largest anime themed concert, Animelo Summer Live 2009. Other notable performers include Ayaka, Kumi Koda, Mika Nakashima, and Ayumi Hamasaki. We'll be sending a representative to cover the event, more on that later, look forward to it! Full list of performers located inside.

Utada Hikaru In The Flesh 2010 Tour stars

Renown Japanese pop superstar Utada Hikaru has just announced her "In The Flesh 2010" Tour, which will hit eight US cities and London, UK. During the tour, she will visit both the House of Blues on Sunset in Los Angeles and The Fillmore in San Francisco. Considering Utada Hikaru's immense popularity and recent work with anime like Evangelion 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance, American and European fans will be in for a real treat. Tour dates and tickets are available at the official website here.

Dir en grey: All Visible Things Tour 2009 stars

Renown Japanese rock band Dir en grey is currently on their All Visible Things Tour 2009. The tour will feature two shows in South America, one each in Brazil and Chile, and ten more shows in the United States across five states. Within these ten shows, three will be in California; Dir en grey will headline the House of Blues on Sunset Strip, West Hollywood on November 20th and 22nd, then will head The Fillmore in San Francisco for the final show of this tour. Information and tickets available here.

Nana Mizuki Animelo 2009 Video Clip


A short one minute clip of Nana Mizuki performing live at Animelo 2009 popped up online. It looks like some type of promotional video. I'll let you know when I find out more information. Don't forget, we're still waiting for approval to publish our pictures of Animelo and we have a lot of Nana!



Glay Concert Report stars

As the clock hit nine, the lights began to dim at the House of Blues Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, . Glay members Teru, Takuro, Hisashi, and Jiro walked onto stage, the crowd erupted into cheers and applause. Without any introduction, the band began to play "Great Vacation" and "Yuuwaku" to cheering fans, who threw up their arms in unison with the song.

Glay US Performance 2009 stars

For J-rock fans, Glay will be performing in San Francisco on Wednesday September 9 at the Fillmore, and in Los Angeles from Friday September 11 to 12 at the House of Blues Sunset Strip. The band was formed in 1988 and still a huge hit in Japan today. Full press release and information inside.

VAMPS Autographs in SF and LA? stars

It was recently announced that VAMPS would be doing 2 promotional meet and greet autograph events, one on July 16 in Baltimore and another in Seattle on July 19. News has surfaced that organizers are also trying to have VAMPS hold an autograph session in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Interested fans will need to have already purchased a ticket in order to attend. We'll have more information when official word is announced.

Source: The Black Swan

BoA SF Concert Update

Odd way to start my first blog here at, but the BoA concert was awesome! I did feel sorry for a lot of the fans, I believe the event was originally scheduled around 4-4:30PM but due to complications her performance didn't start until around 5:15PM or so. We were outside her tent for most of the time as she was ready to go. Unfortunately due to the usual mix up that a lot of event organizers end up having, our request for an interview with BoA did not go through but we did get in touch with BoA's people.

We'll try to set something up for the future, but rumor has it that BoA may be doing a few more American promotions and quite possibly return to San Francisco in the next few months. Again, this is just media rumor and speculation so take it for what it's worth. We'll let you know immediately we get any more updates on BoA, but again it is 5:54AM right now and I'm about to head down to LA to prepare for Anime Expo coverage!

BoA Appearing in San Francisco stars

For those of you in the Bay Area next weekend, Korean pop singer BoA will be on the Main Stage on Sunday, June 28 for the SF Pride Event. BoA is well known in Asia and has made significant impact in the Japanese music scene. BoA has been slowly entering the American music industry since last year in October with her single "Eat You Up" as well as her American debut album "BoA"released this year on March 17. More information inside.