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Heaven's Lost Property: Forte (DVD) Review stars

A direct sequel to last year’s release of Heaven’s Lost Property, Heaven’s Lost Property: Forte is a great example of a sequel improving on the quality of the original. Much like Francis Coppola’s Godfather II, as fun and entertaining as the first series was, the sequel improves on it in both story and entertainment value.

Heaven’s Lost Property (DVD/Blu-ray) Review stars

If you were given a sexy, busty, female android who would do anything for you, what would you do with her? If you’re anything like me, you would make her get down on her knees and give you fanservice. Not that kind of fanservice you sick minded person, but rather “fan” service as in using a traditional bamboo hand fan to cool off. Hey, it’s hot here in California and I have a robot that will do whatever I want! That’s the premise behind FUNimation’s fourteen-episode ecchi series, Sora no Otoshimono or Heaven’s Lost Property, where run-of-the-mill protagonist Tomoki Sakurai gets the chance of a lifetime to experience true bliss and yes, he’s a lucky bastard for it. At first, though, he finds the idea rather repugnant.

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