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NIS America 2016 Press Event Roundup Report

On Monday February 22nd, NIS America (NISA) held their annual press event at the Minna Art Gallery in San Francisco. The doors opened promptly at 6:00pm. On behalf of the NISA staff we were greeted with some Disgaea themed food and signature prinny drinks.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PS Vita) Review

Ah high school! A time that seems to incite mixed feelings for those who have gotten past it and for those who are about to enter it. For those about to enter, their thoughts are filled with hopes and dreams with becoming someone in the world. Those who have gotten past, it was a time that can be looked upon fondly or filled with despair. In Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, hope and despair go hand in hand.

Pandora Hearts (DVD) Review

Pandora Hearts is an anime set in an alternate European world and is a series that spans nearly a century of history. The anime's premise centers itself around a horrific event appropriately named the Tragedy of Sabrie and the handful of characters who are supposedly involved. Enter Oz Vessalius, an heir to one of the four great dukedoms, who has just turned 15. His life so far has been rather normal for a noble of his status as he has had the privilege of living in a posh mansion, being attended to by his loyal servants, and being free from most worries. However, on his "coming of age" day, everything takes a turn for the worst. Enigmatic personas in robes deem him guilty of a "hidden sin" and choose to cast him into an alternate dimension simply known as the Abyss. Upon his arrival to this dark prison, Oz is immediately attacked by Chains, monstrous creatures who inhabit the Abyss. Just before he is devoured by one, a Chain known as Alice comes to his rescue. Who is this Alice, why was Oz cast into the Abyss, and what other trials await him?

Zakuro (DVD) Review

Based on the series Otome Yōkai Zakuro by mangaka Lily Hoshino, Zakuro is a romance revolving around the struggles of spirits living in a world where they were once revered and respected. NIS America announced their acquisition of the series in March of 2012 and released their premium edition package in June 2012.

Black Rock Shooter: The Game (PSN) Review

Spawned from the mind of talented artist Ryohei "Huke" Fuke, the popular Black Rock Shooter franchise gets its very own cleverly named video game Black Rock Shooter: The Game. Though the game originally came out for the PSP in Japan in August of 2011, players in North America and Europe can now download the game from the Playstation Network thanks to the efforts NIS America.

Former NIS America Employees Announce New Startup Company, acttil

Former NIS America Employees Announce New Content Distributor, acttil

Founded by former NIS America employees, Jack Niida, Hiroko Kanazashi and Nao Miyazawa, acttil is a brand-new independent video game and digital contents publisher based out in Los Angeles whose core values are acceptance, creativity, teamwork, trust, innovation and love. Although the company's product line will include eBooks for PC, consoles, web and mobile platforms they also have plans to aid independent developers with publishing and providing marketing support; including localization, PR/marketing, production and digital publishing.

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