Dragon Ball Z Kai Part Seven (DVD/Blu-ray) Review
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Dragon Ball Z Kai Part Seven (DVD/Blu-ray) Review

We will now review Dragon Ball Z KAI Part Seven released by FUNimation. Wait, stop, just keep reading! This set contains episodes 78-88 in two DVDs that cover the ending of the android saga and the beginning of the cell games. I know that people who read this will think of two things: slow paced fights and Mr. Popo turning blue, but that is not the case. The fights move at a faster rate then the original Dragon Ball Z episodes and Mr. Popo is not blue. Mr. Popo’s color change only takes place in the Toonzai CW version and not the FUNimation release of Dragon Ball Z KAI.

The main difference between this adaptation and the others, if we can call it a difference since there have been so many releases already, is that this one stays true to the manga. So that means there are no filler episodes like the Garlic Jr. saga and the fight sequences are shorter. The script has been rewritten to fit with the new shorter story length. Also, some English voice actors have been replaced, such as Kyle Herbert who is no longer the narrator but is still in the series as Ox King in this box set. There have been a lot of voice actor replacements for Dragon Ball Z KAI and the episodes have been remastered to be sharper and the colors seem to be brighter.

The opening and closing sequences to the series are new and HD quality. The box set opening and closing themes have English and Japanese versions and you can change to whichever you prefer. I love that the ending in Japanese is “Kokoro no Hane” by AKB48 Team Dragon.

Overall, the episodes are remastered and the series is shorter which is great for all the new people who are just starting to watch anime. I don’t think fans of the original will want to add this to there collection unless they are hardcore collectors. For those who followed the manga, I do think they will love that this holds true to the manga and leaves out the filler sagas. The one thing that kind of bugged me was that they included textless opening and closing sequences only in English and not Japanese, so I could not enjoy AKB48 Team Dragon singing “Kokoro no Hane” without words sprawling all over my screen.

The O-rating C Plus

Two things I loved:

+Remastered episodes which hold true to the Manga without filler.

+I loved the AKB48 ending song, "Kokoro no Hane."

Two things I hated:

- Just another Dragonball Z Kai release.

- Opening and Ending are textless only in English.

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