Bakemonogatari's Vofan Heads to Sakura-Con 2011

Seattle based anime convention Sakura-Con has announced Vofan, illustrator for the original Bakemonogatari light novel series, as a guest of honor. Interestingly, Vofan is one of the first Taiwanese artist to have entered the anime industry successfully in Japan. Bakemonogatari was originally written by Nisio Isin and later adapted into an anime series with character designs provided by Akio Watanabe.

Sakura-Con will be held at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center on April 22-24.

"VOFAN is the first Taiwanese digital artist to successfully enter the Japanese anime industry in the past five years. VOFAN was first introduced to Kodansha (The largest publisher in Japan) by MAXPOWER (a Taiwanese publisher) in 2006, to work as the main novel illustrator and character designer for NisiOisin's (西尾維新) popular light novel series Bakemonogatari (化物語). Due to the novel's huge success, VOFAN continued to draw for NisiOisin's remaining novel series, including, "Kizumonogatari" (傷物語), "Nisemonogatari" (偽物語), "Nekomonogatari" (猫物語) and "Kabukimonogatari" (傾物語). Even in a recent popular anime series, "Oreimo" (My Sister Can Not Possibly Be This Cute!!), VOFAN was also staffed as the ending theme song illustrator in the final episode twelve.

VOFAN's vibrant and colorful art style has attracted many loyal fans in Taiwan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Japan, and he is appraised as "The Magician of Light from Taiwan" (台湾からの光の魔術師) in the Japanese anime community.
Beside his novel illustration works with NisiOisin, VOFAN also is involve in gaming/anime magazine cover illustrations such as Famitsu, Frontier Magazine, etc. In addition, VOFAN teaches CG classes in Taipei National University of the Arts.
As of now, VOFAN has published a total of four illustration art books: Colorful Dreams (three volumes) and OTONA FANTASY (one Volume), with all his best personal works included.
This will be VOFAN's first visit to America as well as his first time as a guest to Sakura con."

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