Final Fantasy Legends Job System Unveiled

With the release of Final Fantasy Legends in Japan, the unique job system has been revealed. As in many Final Fantasy games, players can switch between various jobs like warrior, monk, and mage; however, unlike those games, Final Fantasy Legends allows players to retain skills from various jobs. As gamers battle through the story, they obtain ability points (AP). The more AP players gain, the more skills they will learn. This unique job system will allow players to customize their characters, regardless of job limitations.

New skills can also be accessed by combining different abilities to form a fusion ability. Players can also set different fusion abilities once they are revealed. The amount of abilities gamers can set is determined on different job levels. As players increase their job levels, more abilities can be set from various jobs.

As mentioned here, the game's prologue is free for download and future chapters will be charged. Each chapter will focus on a particular job. Once the chapter has been cleared, gamers will have full access to the job. If players want to have access to all the jobs, then they will need to purchase future chapters. Be prepared for those micropayments, gamers.


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