New Features of Pokémon Black and White

Pokémon Black and Pokemon White are about to be released in Japan and some changes from previous. The game will also have major graphical change with over 600 different pokémon, each having individually created animations. Black and White will most likely be the greatest Pokémon game to date and with so many Pokémon to collect; it will probably keep Pokémon heads playing for many years to come – or at least until the next title releases.


Every new entry to the Pokémon game takes place in a new region. In this iteration, gamers will traverse the region of Isshu. In the region of Isshu, gamers will have to be aware of what month it is in order to catch them all. Depending on the month, players may or may not have access to certain areas and towns. Seasons also determine what types of Pokémon will appear. In order for fans to actually collect them all, it seems they will need to at least play this game for at least one year.

Changes are not limited to where and when players can catch Pokémon; battles have been improved as well. Black and White will include different combo attacks, which are known as “Oath” attacks. These moves are based on Pokémon types, such as fire and water. In turn, players will get attacks such as Fire Oath and Water Oath. These attacks will exponentially increase the attack power of Pokémon. In addition, Black and White also introduces triple battles. Triple battles allow gamers to throw out three different Pokémon at one time. Positioning of is key in determining which Pokémon can attack. Positions also determine which Pokémon is on the offensive and defense, stressing positioning and battle preparation.

While improvements in battle are important to keep the ever changing Pokémon world refreshing, it is also important to change how players will interact online. With Global Link, Pokémon trainers will be able to battle online with other random players for the first time without the need of unnecessarily long friend codes. Global Link will also keep track of rankings and stats. Another addition to online is High Link, which does require friend codes. High Link is a feature for gamers to go online and be involved in co-op missions. Players can also chat using the DSi camera for live video chat before missions. If battling online is tiring, then Pokémon trainers can upload their Pokémon to the newly added Dream World. In Dream World, players can play a variety of mini-games using any standard web browser.

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Black and White looks to be an excellent entry to the Pokémon series. As of spring 2011, when North American gamers can purchase Black and White, Pokémon will be celebrating its 15 year anniversary. What better way to celebrate than release a new game that will show how far the game series has gone?


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