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NIS America Announces Z.H.P.

For fans who liked Disgaea, they will be happy to know there is going to be a similar game called Zettai Hero Kaizou Keikaku (it will be localized in the US being called Z.H.P. ~Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman~) coming out between Fall or Winter 2010. It will be available in UMD format for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) as well as for download on the PlayStation Network. From the initial trailer and gamplay, it looks like the gameplay will be very similar to Disgaea's; however, the protagonist will have no party members. Supposedly there are “40 million ways to play” the game, though leveling up may or may not be as repetitive as in Disgaea. The promised countless combinations seem very appealing due to each combination having its own specific feature. This may be a hit-or-miss feature, as seen in other games that have tried it in the past.

The game starts out with an epic fight between the last boss, Demon General: Darkdeath Evilman, vs Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger (Original). Yes, that is their real names. The fate of the world relies on this battle, but the Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger dies due to being hit by a car. Now the world is destroyed...or is it? Now the new hero to succeed him is the weakest main character ever created: you. Let the training (otherwise known as grindfest) begin!

Thumbnail imageThe main feature of this game is the ability to customize almost everything. The player can customize their character's body from head to toe. One can also use optional equipment such as wings, tails, and even “sexy-jiggly boobs.” Each customization can change the character's stats or abilities. For example, a Fat Bottom ability will increase the defense stat of your character. You can also customize your secret base by building it however you like. Space Detective Facility allows the character to register equipment which won't take up the inventory's space. This also allows for registered equipment to be swapped in and out during battle.

Another interesting mechanic is the protagonist’s wife. She may occasionally ask for money, and by paying her, she may cook lunches that gives stat boosts in battle. Facilities can be built to have these lunches delivered during battle. What a service! In regards to battle, fog of war is implemented in the game unlike Disgaea. Vision is blocked and players may find themselves walking into a group of enemies or a trap. For example, when a Gravity Trap is activated, the player is limited to move once every two turns, but experience yield is doubled.

If you’re a fan of Disgaea, definitely check this game out.

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