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Tamiyasu Tomoe to Attend Anime Expo 2012

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Earlier today, MangaGamer announced that OVERDRIVE president Bamboo, Dengeki Stryker artist Katakura Shinji, and voice actress Tamiyasu Tomoe will be joining them for Anime Expo 2012 to be held this year in Los Angeles between June 29th and July 2nd. Tamiyasu, whose impressive credentials includes Yayoi from DEARDROPS and Riki Naoe, and Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters! will be making her debut American appearance.

Full press release after the jump.

PRESS RELEASE: MangaGamer Announces Guests for Anime Expo

May 15th, 2012--We at MangaGamer are proud to announce some of our guests for Anime Expo 2012! news tamiyasu-tomoe-anime-expo-2012
This year at Anime Expo, we'll be having our friends at OVERDRIVE joining us once again! The president of OVERDRIVE, Bamboo, will be with us as usual along with their artist, Katakura Shinji, who will be offering autographed Dengeki Stryker shikishi (art-boards) this year! In addition, they’ll also be joined by a special guest: the voice actress Tamiyasu Tomoe, who played Yayoi in DEARDROPS, in addition to many of her other roles. She’ll be signing autographs at our booth during the limited time she’s there, so make sure you’re following us on twitter to find out when those times are!

We'll also be presenting something very unique this year: an exhibition of eroge artwork! We’ll be bringing in all kinds of cels, rough sketches, line art, etc. from various different companies and games to put on display. So come on by, enjoy a glimpse at the work which goes into your favorite eroge, and help yourself to some pictures of these rare items!

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