Sakura-Con 2010 Report

Organized annually by the Asia Northwest Cultural Education Association (ANCEA), Sakura-Con 2010 was held from April 2nd 2010 to April 4th 2010 at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington. The Guests line up this year was pretty impressive and attracted a total of 18,002 attendees.

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The Guests that came included a number of high profile individuals and groups, such as Noizi Ito (the character designer for Haruhi Suzumiya and Shana), Mayumi Tanaka (the voice actor for Luffy in the One Piece anime) and High and Mighty Color (band group that performed one of the Bleach Opening Theme Songs).

Sakura-Con only runs for three days, and these three days are pretty much packed with things to do. From autograph sessions to concerts to movie premieres, there was almost never a dull moment at the convention center.

Unlike other conventions, Sakura-Con held an Open Gaming area, where attendees can play their favorite arcade games for free. However, included with your normal arcades was a console gaming room and a retro gaming room. The retro gaming room had old-school Nintendo, Super Nintendo and even Sega Saturn systems set up for people to play and enjoy the classics. This was a real treat.

Besides Open Gaming, Sakura-Con would not be complete without an Exhibitors Hall where people can go to blow their cash on anime goods and merchandise. The hall was located right next to the general registration hall, so unfortunately the entrance to both halls got pretty crowded.

The first day of Sakura-Con was pretty exciting as it packed several big events such as the Opening Ceremonies, Trigun: Badlands Rumble World Premiere, Noizi Ito's first autograph and Q&A session and DJ Sharpnel spinning live at the Friday Night Dance.

Day two was a little more relaxing, but still held some big events. Noizi Ito held her second autograph session in the afternoon. High and Mighty Color and Dazzle Vision held a back-to-back concert in the evening.

With day three, being the last day of the convention, most events were winding down. The notable events were probably the Charity Auction, Dazzle Vision / High and Mighty Color Q&A and Autograph session and the Closing Ceremonies.

At the end of the Closing Ceremonies, the convention was pretty much over as no more main events were running, most of the panels ended long before. Sakura-Con 2010 ended in great success with an increase in their attendance from 2009, and no major hiccups during the weekend.

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