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May'n Anime Expo '10 Panel stars

After opening ceremonies on the first day of Anime Expo 2010, pop singer May Nakabayashi, known by her stage name as May'n, took questions from her American fans. May'n is best known for her debut work as the singing vocals for Sheryl Nome in Macross Frontier. See her answers in our transcription of her panel.

Yui Horie & Eri Kitamura Press Conference stars

One of Japan's most proliferic voice actress, Yui Horie was in attendance with her fellow voice actress Eri Kitamura at Anime Expo 2010. Apart from their individual panels and autograph sessions, a press conference was held behind closed doors for them and we have provided a transcription of the event.

Sou Miyata Interview (Muv-Luv) stars

Many people may not know who Sou Miyata is, but they probably have heard about the Muv-Luv visual novel series which he works on in Japan. Muv-Luv was originally a visual novel PC game whose popularity grew into manga and novel adaptations. The series even has an entire toy line released by Volks.  Volks is a popular figurine, doll, and toy manufacturer in Japan.  See what he had to say in our brief interview with him at Anime Expo 2010!

Eri Kitamura Panel stars

This year at Anime Expo 2010, voice actor Eri Kitamura came over to Los Angeles, California as a Guest of Honor, marking this anime convention her first event overseas. Her focus panel was on July 2, 2010 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm in the LACC Petree Hall. Kitamura is a 22 year old voice actor in Japan. She is known for her works as Saya Otonashi from Blood+, Rin Kokonoe from Kodomo no Jikan, Yui from Angel Beats! and Ami Kawashima from Toradora!.

May'n & Nakajima Press Conference stars

In 2008, Macross Frontier shook the anime community with it's action packed mecha action and muscial performances. The show's lead singers, May'n (May Nakabayashi) and Megumi Nakajima rose to stardom touring Japan leading to a grand finale at the prestigous Budokan Arena. Almost a year and a half later, both singers were invited to perform live at Anime Expo 2010 in Los Angeles. See what both singers had to say about their experience and performance in front of their American fans in our full press conference transcription.

Yui Horie & Eri Kitamura Exclusive Interview stars

Voice actresses Yui Horie and Eri Kitamura were in attendance at Anime Expo 2010 to celebrate the English release of the school romance comedy anime Toradora! in America. Horie is a highly successful singer and voice actress in Japan with an impressive number of roles including Naru Narusegawa from Love Hina, Eri Sawachika from School Rumble, and of course Minori Kushieda from Toradora!. Kitamura has recently established a fan base for herself with her role as Rin Kokonoe from Kodomo no Jikan. She is probably also best known for her work as Saya Otonashi from Blood+, and as Ami Kawashima from Toradora!. See what they had to say about their work in the series in our exclusive interview with them both!

Rei Hiroe Interview stars

Rei Hiroe is the creator and author of the popular manga series, Black Lagoon. The manga has received an anime adaptation, with a third season that debuted in North America at Anime Expo 2010. Hiroe himself was at Anime Expo to celebrate the screening, and we got a brief chance to talk to him a little bit about his work.

Danny Choo Interview @ AX 2010 stars

Internet sensation Danny Choo made his first official American appearance on June 30, 2010 at one of the largest anime conventions in the United States, Anime Expo. Choo runs the internationally recognized otaku blog, which covers topics ranging from anime, figures, and Japanese culture. His website's popularity has spawned a plethora of merchandise including a future figure of his mascot Mirai, and an anime adaptation titled Chinka. Choo is also known for his Tokyo Stormtrooper dancing videos in Japan. Living the otaku dream, Choo works with various anime related companies including figure maker Goodsmile Company and more recently starring his own television show, Culture: Japan.

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