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(Hopefully) To Infinity And Beyond stars

In an era when home gaming and online play dominate, the arcade is definitely suffering. Among them is Arcade Infinity, or AI, one of the premiere arcades in Southern California that specializes in importing the most update games and keeping them in tip-top shape. Originally slated to close for good this past Saturday, AI hosted a final farewell party. Due to several generous parties, however, AI was saved and the farewell became a celebration instead.

Virtual On Eases Up stars

For the upcoming Virtual On Force for Xbox 360, Sega will include an “EX Option” to ease new players into the game or to help continuing players overcome difficult enemies. It seems to raise the player’s damage output and lower damage intake, which will be shown in the included screens. Like beginner mode for most games, however, it could become too much of a crutch and may take away from the game’s true enjoyment.

Virtual On Force Hits Xbox 360 stars

More mech action heads to the Xbox 360 this winter with arcade port Virtual On Force, the latest iteration of the series featuring four player multiplayer. According to Sega, the game will be released December 22 and have both a regular version for ¥6090 and collector’s edition for ¥10290. The series is known for its unique controller that mimics those in mecha anime, which is one reason for its big following. No news yet of an American release. It’s somewhat of a shame that this will be ported to the Xbox 360 instead of the PlayStation 3, meaning that import junkies will have to shell out for a console as well as the game, if they don’t already own an Xbox 360. Screenshots after the jump.

[Source: Siliconera]

Next Gundam VS Announced stars

At the Arcade Operators Union Entertainment Expo, Namco Bandai has just announced a fall 2010 release date for the follow up to Gundam vs Gundam NEXT and Gundam vs Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. Currently, details are slim, but the announcement trailer seemed to be laced with previously unplayable mobile suits like the GM and suits from Crossbone Gundam, which is a strong sign that they will be included in the mobile suit roster this time around. The end of the trailer also includes a teaser website.

Gundam vs Gundam NEXT PLUS Review stars

Following in its predecessor's path, Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs Gundam NEXT PLUS is the PSP port of the arcade hit Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs Gundam NEXT. While a solid game, Gundam vs Gundam had its fair share of problems that needed to be addressed. A slew of new gameplay options and an expanded mobile suit roster make Gundam vs Gundam NEXT PLUS the best game Gundam fans can own for either portables or consoles.

Gundam vs Gundam Review stars

A straight port of the arcade game, Gundam vs Gundam for the PSP brings over the arcade experience to a handheld. Like any arcade game, this game starts off quickly, prompting the player to choose one of the 37 mechas (called mobile suits in the Gundam universe) available, four of which are exclusive to the PSP. These range from the original RX-78 to the new (at least at the time of the arcade game’s release) Gundam Exia.  After that, the player is treated to a short CG sequence modeled after the show’s own opening with its opening music as well. That part should be a real treat for any Gundam fan.

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