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J-Pop Summit Festival 2012: Real Escape Game X Evangelion stars

jpop real-escape

One part scavenger hunt and one part 'choose your own adventure' narrative, Real Escape Game is real-life activity where groups of people are given an objective, follow and decipher clues, and work together to 'escape' from a threat. With having staged two previous events with much success, the group behind Real Escape Game planned something special for the J-Pop Summit Festival in San Francisco, especially since San Francisco is home to Viz Media, Inc., home of the popular series Neon Genesis Evangelion.


Kylee JPOP Summit Festival Report stars

We recently had a chance to check out up-and-coming Asian American JPOP sensation Kylee Saunder's (Kylee) show at the JPOP Summit Festival in San Francisco on Sunday, August 26th. Before catching her live, we found out about her professional history and how it felt for her to perform in Japan through a short interview*.

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