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Charity Auction

The Charity Auction for Sakura-Con 2010 was held in room 2AB from 11:00am to roughly 2:30pm.  The benefitors of the auction were the Make-A-Wish Foundation®.

Sakura-Con had a huge pile of items to auction off.  Everything from DVDs, to key-chains, to autographed posters to exclusive sketches, this event was sure to be exciting.

The most notable (high-priced) items that were auctioned off were mostly exclusive sketches and autographed items.  Noizi Ito had provided four sketches for this event.  Two Haruhi Suzumiya sketches and two Shana sketches.  Each with the words Sakura-Con 2010 written across the top or side, her autograph and the character sketch in a shade of red.  Each exclusive sketch sold for $2000, $1500, $1600, and $1600.

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The three hour event finally ended around 2:30pm.  Most of the items were sold, though some items never found a home.  At Sakura-Con, items that are not sold during the Charity Auction are cycled to next year's Charity Auction.  With a total of over $27,000 raised, Sakura-Con's Charity Auction in 2010 was a definite success.

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