Aza (Miyuko) Interview

inteeview Aza

The popularity of cosplay has grown to the point of turning everyday folks into cosplay idols and celebrities. On November 29, 2013 during a fan meet in Thailand, we were lucky to have a quick chat with the popular cosplayer Aza. Fans may recognize her as Miyuko while she was with the Korean cosplay team Spiral Cats. Hear her thoughts about her cosplaying career and about the future. 


KANAME☆ (Cosplayer) Interview

interview Kaname

Probably one of the most well known male cosplayer in the world, we caught up with KANAME☆ in Thailand for his fan event on November 23, 2013. Hear Kaname's thoughts on topics ranging from the current state of men cosplaying as well as helpful tips to encourage more men to cosplay.


Comiket 82 Cosplay Photos

news c82

A user named “SeeU” at a South Korean community site,, shared his first day experience at Comiket 82 (C82), the iconic Japanese doujinshi convention that took place early August this year. The photos in this article have been republished with his permission.


Yaoi-Con 2011 Cosplays

news yaoicon_photo

For those of you who haven't checked our gallery in a couple weeks, just click on the image above for some awesome cosplay photos from Yaoi-Con that was held late ast month at The San Francisco Airport Marriott hotel. Just because it's a convention that celebrates "male beauty & passion in anime & manga," doesn't mean there's any shortage of awesome cosplays!


The-O Cast: Are Cosplayers Elitists?

You've heard about the drama on certain anonymous image boards, you've seen the expertly crafted costumes and well toned bodies, so the question remains: is cosplaying an inaccessible hobby? To help us answer this question we've brought on board a grand total of FOUR special guests. Making returns are boss man Theo and assistant editor Kevin. First timer Roger throws down with his cosplay photography expertise, and our super special guest not of is Kris Ling, known to some of you as Blizzard Terrak. Kris has made his way through the cosplay community as a photographer for about two years now and he's got plenty to talk about.

For anyone interested in checking out Kris' cosplay photos (there are many and they are good) check out his Deviantart account or Facebook group.

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Comic Market (Comiket) 76 Cosplay Photos

After having returned from Japan, we've finally sorted out all the cosplay photos we took at Comiket 76, day 3. It was pretty hot and humid that day and we like to thank all the cosplayers who allowed us to photgraph them. The only thing we regret is not being to take more! Check them out now in our gallery.

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