Maidreamin Returns with their Moe Moe Kyun Powers to Anime Expo

Maidreamin Returns with their Moe Moe Kyun Powers to Anime Expo

Maidreamin returned to Anime Expo to entertain their masters and princesses. This year, Ayame returned to Anime Expo and brought along Peace and Yuno, two new Maidreamin maids. Maidreamin had two sessions everyday, and they filled up the room with masters and princesses. Along with the Maidreamin maids were other local maids that were ready to play games like Jenga, Connect Four, and Pop-up Pirate with the attendees. Attendees were able to buy coffee, and Yuno would use her moe moe kyun powers to make it taste better. Once everyone got settled in their seats with their drinks and had played some games with the other maids, it was time for the show to start. Yuno, Peace, and Ayame took the stage by lighting candles to welcome the masters and princesses home. They performed a new song made especially for Anime Expo and their Maidreamin theme song as well. The guests had a blast interacting with the maids as well as buying their merchandise; posters, music cards, CD’s, mini polaroid pictures and a special tote bag designed by Peace herself.

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The maids also did small performances outside of the maid café. One such area was the exhibitor hall, where they had a booth for those who could not go to the maid café. Those fans had the chance to see them in person and purchase the merchandise they had to offer. They also made a special appearance at the Lumica booth and danced for and with fans. Two maids made a special appearance at Lounge 21 on stage with DJ Basta-ROW. They seemed to be enjoying themselves everywhere they went. We hope they return next year and bring their moe moe kyun cuteness back to Anime Expo.




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