Momomc Returns to Anime Expo 2017

Momomc Returns to Anime Expo 2017

The amazing pole dancer, Momomc (pronounced momo-mac), returned to perform at the Anime Expo night café. She had multiple shows every night and one during the preview night. This time, the outfits she brought to Anime Expo included a mermaid, maid, neo oiran, Lum, and Rei from Evangelion. She announced the outfits on her Facebook page, so people could choose what show to attend before hand. The night café was 21 and over, and each ticket to the show included a free drink. If that was not enough, attendees to the show had the chance to win more drinks for their table. To begin the show, MC Steven took the stage and welcomed everyone who attended the show. In between dancers, the MC played games with the attendees, where attendees had the chance to win more drinks for their table by winning in trivia games. Some of the trivia games were ‘name that anime song’ and ‘sailor scout attack or sex toy’. In the session we attended, Steven came up with the hashtag #comeonpedro due to one of the contestants named Pedro's say, needed some help with the answers. Steven made the comment that playing the game of ‘name that anime song’ was a bad idea at an anime convention because the participants were not getting any of their guesses correct.


After the first game, it was time for the first dancer. The lovely belly dancer, Marcela, took the stage and hypnotized the audience with her rhythmic moves. The closing act was Momomc in her Mermaid outfit; the act was to re-enact a story of a mermaid being transformed into a human. Her performance began with her in a mermaid tail which did not let her stand up, so she had to use her momentum to spin on the pole and her arms to climb to the highest point of the pole. Then the transformation took place when she lost the tail and now was able to perform tricks using her thighs and legs. One of the tricks she did was her being suspended horizontally by using just the sheer strength of her thigh grip while, with her free hands, she encouraged the crowd to clap to cheer as she climbed even higher. A girl in the audience shielded her eyes and let out a scream due to Momomc climbing to the top of the pole and releasing her thigh grip only to re-grasp the pole with her thighs inches from hitting the floor. Every time she did a move like this, the crowd reacted with gasps of amazement. At the end, she received a standing ovation while Momomc, the MC, and other dancers took their final bow to end the show.


Just to explain, this show didn’t have the performers dance nude, but instead, it was an environment for older attendees to have some fun with adult humor. Plus, seeing some lovely ladies show off their skills as performers was an added bonus. I also overheard some returning attendees telling their friends that the performers were not strippers and to not act like total jerks. MC Steven ended the show by telling the crowd to be proud of whom they are and to remember not to harm one another. Bottomline is life is too short to judge people; just be nice to one another, sit back and enjoy it as if it was a show.

You can follow Momomc at:
Facebook @momomc.japan
IG @momomc_showdancer
Twitter @momomc696

You can follow Steven at:
IG @stevenlovesBoA
Twitter @stevenlovesBoA
And his Youtube channel Steven D’Onofrio where he hosts “I just arted”

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