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Dream C Club Zero Gameplay Details stars

The prequel to Xbox 360 and PSP hostess game Dream C Club, Dream C Club Zero had a wealth of information released today. Amongst these were the two new hostesses, Haruka and Asuka, new gameplay features such as new alcohol drinking mechanics, and a minigame that includes sticking a banana in the hostess’ mouth. If these sound right up your alley, hit the jump.

Europe Gets More BlazBlue Love stars

American BlazBlue fans feel the wrath of time constraints as they can only purchase a standard edition BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, while European fans will get a “Fans edition” that will cost £54.99, or about $90. The package is quite exclusive –  limited to only 500 copies, and contains some items not available in the US at all. Regarding the exclusive content, Aksys Games representative Cherie Baker said that they “have no plans on selling Europe’s package in pieces,” unlike the Noel Nendoroid that was available at Anime Expo. This means that international fans will have to import this package and shell out the extra shipping. Interested parties should order here. Full list and pictures of included extras after the jump.

Starlit Brave Mode Details Emerge stars

Based on the original PC title, Twinkle Crusaders GoGo! is an all age version of Twinkle Crusaders for the PSP.  The title will also include Twinkle Crusaders GoGo! Starlit Brave!!, which will feature tons of guest stars from various anime, for fans who buy the deluxe edition. These include Taiga from Toradora!, Rin from Fate/stay Night, and Shana from Shakugan no Shana, amongst others. List and mode details follow the jump.

Update: Names were fixed and clarified in this article. We apologize for any misunderstandings the confusing game names may have caused.

Metal Gear Arcade Loktest Details stars

Despite the dwindling arcade industry, Konami still has its sights set on Metal Gear Arcade, running a couple of location tests this weekend. They’re being held in ROUND1 in Yokohama and Shibuya Adores in Tokyo. The game was first announced back in February at the Arcade Operator’s Union show, showing great promise and using Metal Gear Solid 4’s online mode as the basis. For those who couldn’t travel to Japan for the location testing, we have the details for you after the jump.

SoniComi Gameplay System Detailed stars

SoniComi, a new visual novel game by Nitroplus, is set for a fall 2010 release in Japan and we have the gameplay details for you here! SoniComi is based on Sonico, an overly busty amateur idol and mascot of Nitroplus, and features players as her cameraman. Naturally as a cameraman, you will both film and court her. The game flow will consist of two phases: the adventure and action phase. Details of the two, screenshots, and video of SoniComi after the jump.

Virtual On Force Hits Xbox 360 stars

More mech action heads to the Xbox 360 this winter with arcade port Virtual On Force, the latest iteration of the series featuring four player multiplayer. According to Sega, the game will be released December 22 and have both a regular version for ¥6090 and collector’s edition for ¥10290. The series is known for its unique controller that mimics those in mecha anime, which is one reason for its big following. No news yet of an American release. It’s somewhat of a shame that this will be ported to the Xbox 360 instead of the PlayStation 3, meaning that import junkies will have to shell out for a console as well as the game, if they don’t already own an Xbox 360. Screenshots after the jump.

[Source: Siliconera]

Dream Club Portable Announced stars

If you have a pure heart and a PSP, D3 Publisher has the game for you! Dream Club Portable for the PSP is set for an October 28 release. It will contain all the basic features of the Xbox 360 version, meaning all the same hostesses are still available. In addition, it will feature a new “Dream Clock” mode where players can use the game as a clock, having the receptionist from the game tell players both the time and tidbits about various hostesses. A bigger challenge than courting the hostesses may be to actually play this game in public without getting embarrassed. Screenshots and promotional video after the jump.


Worms Reloaded Returns to PC stars

After a ten year break, Worms returns for the PC with Worms Reloaded. The game looks great so far with its HD cartoony graphics and classic sense of humor. Fans of similar games on Android or iPhone like Armored Strike or iShoot should check this out – arguably the precursor to all these games. Worms Reloaded is set for an August 26 release date. Full press release here.Click after the jump for screenshots and trailer.

3DS Super Street Fighter IV Site Launches stars

Originally announced at E3, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition just launched its Japanese site. At the moment, it doesn’t contain much other than some screenshots. A close look shows that the graphics are pretty close to the arcade version, considering that this is a handheld game. It will only look better in motion and in the palm of our hands! Hopefully we’ll get more information on the game soon and maybe some gameplay footage, too! Screenshots embedded after the jump for your convenience.


New Tales Games Announced stars

Tales of Graces, previously a Wii-exclusive, will be heading to the PlayStation 3 as Tales of Graces F, much like its Xbox 360 cousin, Tales of Vesperia. It will feature new costumes and attacks to make PlayStation 3 owners' purchases worthwhile. In addition, a new, currently nameless, Tales game was announced for the PlayStation 3 and Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 for the PlayStation Portable. Keep in mind, these are all confirmed for Japan only and have no word yet of an American release. It would be great if companies would continue to do more simultaneous launches throughout the world, but since these RPGs are a more niche genre, it's understandable. Maybe the only way to encourage them is to buy loads of their games? We'll keep you posted.