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Wondercon '11: Breaking into the Industry(s)

wondercon logoThis year Wondercon presented a slew of excellent panels about the comic book and video game industries. Some of them served as direct Q&A sessions about breaking in, while others dropped insider news about where things are going for everyone. I'm going to talk about each panel in the order that I saw them, so check out the title of each section before you dig in!

Wondercon 2011 Recap stars

Wondercon is a small comic book turned pop media convention which makes its home in San Francisco. The easy way to think about it: Comic Con's little sister. Even though it's a fraction of the size, Wondercon still packs a wallop every year. This time around T-ono caught some face-time with Hyung Min-Woo, some great panels, and awesome cosplay. Read on for what you missed at Wondercon 2011!


Priest's Hyung Min-Woo Interview (Video) stars

While at Wondercon 2011, we got a chance to talk briefly with Hyung Ming-Woo, the creator of the manwha, Korean comic, Priest about the upcoming Hollywood adaptation of his series. Manwha have become quite popular in Japan recently with titles such as Black God and Freezing receiving anime adaptations. Check out our video interview with him for the full scoop!

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