Anime Expo 2008 Con Report

 Welcome to our Anime Expo 2008 Coverage at LAX Convention Center.

One of the biggest unnanounced industry guest (who we mentioned prior to the con) to appear this year at Anime Expo was Nippon Ichi Software's Character Designer, Takehito Harada. Most famous for his design work on the tactical role playing game Disgaea, fans will definitely want to check out our interview with him. 

Unfortunately due to a mix up, our interview requests we faxed 3 weeks ahead of time were lost. We were unable to interview Shoko Nakagawa as originally intended.

We were still able to sit down with musical group Jyukai for an interview probably most well known for their ending song Anata ga Ita Mori from Fate/Stay Night. Be sure to also watch Jyukai's special message video for all their fans in the America which can be found in our interview. 

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