Taiyou Con 2015 Impressions


To be honest, when we first heard of a small anime convention in Mesa, Arizona would play host to America's first Persona concert, we were stunned in disbelief. It wasn't that it was the fact that it took place in the nation's 48th state, but rather that Taiyou Con was able to invite some of the guests that we were thinking would select a larger con like Anime Expo, Sakura-con or Otakon for their American debut; especially given how popular the Atlus video game series has become in America. However, being huge Persona fans, we didn't hesitate at all to book a plane, car and hotel from California and before we knew it we were in Mesa.


Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2014 in Las Vegas Report

Fotor01031132122One of the most popular Japanese MMO held a festival for about 2000 fans in Las Vegas. Filled with jaw dropping cosplays, lots of sneak peeks for upcoming releases, and of course gambling and alcohol, check out a recap of my three day adventure at the Rio Hotel.

Please note, there will be a mixture of photos from my camera and phone so the quality may vary.


J-POP Summit 2014 Impressions


Since the J-POP Summit first started 2009, local Bay Area residents have been treated to a special one-of-a-kind event celebrating Japanese fashion, anime, art and of course J-POP. From its humble beginnings featuring small Japanese indie bands, along with the first U.S. premiere of Hatsune Miku, to its now considerable presence, it has been a wonderful delight watching the festival grow into one of the premiere San Francisco events. This year especially as it featured a top tier guest lineup that included Tomomi Itano, May'n, Tokyo Girls Style, YANAKIKU, human beatbox DAICHI and many more thousands of enthusiastic fans packed the streets of the famous San Francisco landmark. However, the performances were not the only main reason to attend it as there were also the food and ramen festivals. Both of which contributed to some growing pains for the festival that not even the upper managers were able to clearly foresee during its infant planning stages.


Izumi Matsumoto to Attend Japan Expo USA 2nd Impact


Fans of old school manga and anime, take heed! Japan Expo USA has decided to kick it old school this year by inviting legendary mangaka Izumi Matsumoto as a Guest of Honor to Japan Expo Second Impact in San Mateo. Famous for helping to pioneer the harem genre back in the 1980s with his work in Kimagure Orange Road, his celebrated resume includes titles such as Milk Report, Comic Gunbuster, Sesame Street and Black Moon. Matsumoto will be meeting fans at the festival for both a conference and signings.

For more information on Japan Expo USA 2nd Impact, visit: http://www.japan-expo.org/


SmartDoll Release Interview w/ Danny Choo @ Anime Expo 2014

news DC 2014

While we previewed the Smart Doll back in January at Mirai Inc., we caught up with the creator, Danny Choo at Anime Expo to talk to him a little about the successful launch of the Smart Doll. The doll's release was met with overwhelming success and orders have been temporarily halted as each one is hand assembled in Japan.

In our video interview, hear about the future of the Smart Doll and updates on the highly anticipated robotic automatic version with Android integrated functions. 

Let us know in the comments what you think about the Smart Doll!


Spiral Cats Press Conference Anime Expo 2014

news SPCats PC

While press conferences can be serious at times, it can also be a place where guests can unwind a little and talk a little more personally. Watch our full video of top Korean cosplayers Tasha and Doremi behind closed doors as they talk about topics ranging from their experience as professional cosplayers, Tasha's video game passion of attempting to get past rank 13 in Hearthstone, and Doremi's glutinous tendencies. 

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