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PlayStation 4 Launches in November stars

sony playstation 4 003

Some people expected a late December launch. To those, including myself, we were wrong - that is, wrong in the right way. Mark your calendar, folks, because Sony's next gaming console, the PlayStation 4, has a release date.

Ultra Street Fighter IV - The New Battleground stars

ultra street fighter iv web 001

Street Fighter IV has come a long way since being released back in 2009. The continuous support from Capcom has enabled the game to evolve, having gone through three major updates (i.e. Super Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV: AE, and Super Street Fighter IV: AE 2012). To maintain the momentum, Capcom, at this year's EVO (the biggest fighting game tournament in the world), revealed its next installment for the Street Fighter IV series. Known as Ultra Street Fighter IV, the game will have new contents that should appease fans of old and new.

Soul Saga to be Released on PC, Wii U, PS Vita and PlayStation 4 stars


Last week, I wrote a report on the development of an independent Western-developed JRPG title called Soul Saga that was looking to reach a lofty goal of $60,000.00 via kickstarter. After one week, I'm happy to report that not only has the title reached the initial goal Mike Gale set, but it's well on its way to reaching numerous stretch goals including voice acting, console appearances and expansion of the game's fascinating universe.

Help Kickstart Megatokyo the Visual Novel Today! stars

gaming-news megatokyo-the-visual-novel

It's been an interesting week on Kickstarter, as tons of artists and designers have found the inspiration to shoot for their lofty ambitions with a bit of crowdsourcing. Although I just heard about this Megatokyo visual novel project on NeoGAF earlier today, the project has already managed to reach several of creator Fred Gallagher's lofty stretch goals for Megatokyo the Visual Novel within three days of its original announcement.

MoeNovel's If My Heart Had Wings Demo Flies to a Computer Near You stars

If My Heart Had Wings Preview

If the brief time that I had reading through the short demo of Pulltop's If My Heart Had Wings is any indicator of the type of quality that players can expect, then fans of visual novels and bishoujo games can be rest assured that MoeNovel's debut into localizing visual novels will be something memorable.

Soul Saga: a Promising 90s Style JRPG Kickstarter Project Needs Your Help stars

new-soul saga

I'll admit it, usually I'm wary of participating in any sort of crowdsourcing project on kickstater despite the fact that I spent some time after graduating college doing some indie game development myself. Will the project ever get completed? What kind of guarantee will I have that even if the goals are met that the project won't fall flat on its face? Those are the types of questions that have made me very wary about backing any type of project. However, when I saw that there was someone out there who had the same amount of ambition that I had fresh out of college before I entered the professional workplace, I just knew that I had to support his project- in this case Mike Gale's kickstarter JRPG project Soul Saga.

PlayStation 4 - A Welcoming Standard stars


Plenty was revealed at Sony's press conference at E3. But without a doubt the most anticipated news revolved around the company's next generation console - the PlayStation 4 (PS4). Promised to be shown for the first time, how would the aesthetic design of the external hardware fair? How about the price of the system? Would it be competitive with Microsoft's Xbox One and be reasonable for consumers? As I awaited the start of the conference, eying a laptop screen from my living quarters, my adrenaline was already running high to say the least. And as things unraveled throughout the evening, my state of enthusiasm from the get-go had complimentary reasons to be so. Read more.

Uniqlo x Monster Hunter on the Loose! stars

UTMH cover

Prepare yourself for the arrival of Monster Hunter 4 at UNIQLO. UNIQLO Japan has released Monster Hunter 4 Graphic T-shirt starting on May 31st (JST time). There are nineteen t-shirt designs as well as six boxer brief designs.