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Reject Some Girls on Xbox 360

Publisher Alchemist has recently announced Gun Gal, an original on-rail shooter for the Xbox 360. Alchemist is teaming up with Studio Inti Creates, best known for the Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX series. Gun Gal is a shooter with anime-inspired visuals that will feature new and interesting gameplay elements that will make it the most original, or out of place, shooter around.

Devil May Cry Sequel Announced

Capcom has just announced a new entry in the Devil May Cry franchise. While this is the fifth game in the series, the title is simply listed as DmC for the time being. With the abandonment of numbered installments and a whole new look, perhaps we’re looking at a reboot of the series. Overall it looks much grittier and has a western atmosphere to it. This comes as no surprise, considering that the game is developed by Ninja Theory, the team behind Sony’s Heavenly Blade. The game is scheduled to be released on both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. No gameplay videos have been released yet, but screenshots and an excerpt from Capcom’s press release are included after the jump.

UPDATE: Trailer included within.

Japanese Mythology Turns Badass

Capcom’s secret project with CyberConnect2 has just been revealed. Asura’s Wrath is a new action game that follows Asura, a fallen deity. From the looks of the trailer, the game will include dynamic cutscenes with button input commands. This seems to be a continuing trend with Capcom games. So far, the scale of the action in this game looks amazing and will keep players’ adrenaline pumped throughout gameplay. It’s great to see a new IP from Capcom, especially in a time full of sequels. Screenshots and more after the jump.

UPDATE: Trailer embedded after the jump.

Team ICO HD Collection Confirmed

Team ICO's Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are confirmed for an HD re-release on Playstation 3. No word yet on any changes, pricing, or whether the two titles will come to the US, but the original report seems to show that the games will be individually sold, rather than as a bundle as rumored. Originally, the games did not get much commercial success, so while it had a large cult following, many gamers have no tried or even heard of either game. Hopefully with this release, Team ICO will get more acclaim and lead to a larger commercial success for The Last Guardian, the development team's next game.

UPDATE: Both games will be available in 3D, according to Sony's Press Conference for Tokyo Game Show. Both the US and European release will be on one disc, although there's no word yet on the Japanese release.

A Chance to Date AKB48

Konami will be releasing a new love simulator for the Playstation Portable that pits players against the girls of AKB48. AKB1/48 Idol to Koishitara, or loosely translated to AKB1/48 If I Loved an Idol, allows players to pick their favorite AKB48 girls to become their girlfriends. No word yet on gameplay specifics, but expect over 10,000 pictures of girls, 80 minutes of the girls swooning over you, and full voice-overs. The game is set for a December 23 release. More info inside.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 To Be Announced

Due to a technical error, Valkyria Chronicles 3’s appearance at Tokyo Game Show (TGS) was revealed early. By replacing different scheduling images on the TGS website the words "Valkyria Chronicles 3: Voice Actor Announcement and Game Presentation" appears. There is no doubt now that there will be another sequel for the series. As of now, since only the presentation has been revealed, there’s no word on the platform as of yet. More after the break.

UPDATE: Valkyria Chronicles 3 will be on the Playstation Portable.

Duodecim Shots Emerge

Screenshots of Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy have been posted up. In addition, the game will appear in playable form at Tokyo Game Show this year, so some gameplay details will hopefully emerge. Screenshots seem to show little graphical differences from Dissidia Final Fantasy, perhaps attesting to that the Playstation Portable may be at its limits. From the screenshot, however, we can tell that Lightning's Limit Break in this game will be reminiscent of the Gestalt system in Final Fantasy XIII. For more information, visit the official site, which only has a teaser at the moment but will likely get updated after Tokyo Game Show. Screenshots after the jump.

Gundam Musou 3 Coming Winter

The next game in the Gundam Musou or Dynasty Warriors: Gundam series has just been announced and is slated for a winter release. Gundam Musou 3 is the third and latest game in the series and will feature mobile suits from four new series, returning selectable mobile suits from Gundam Musou 2, and more cartoony cel-shaded graphics. As of right now, there’s no specific info on which new mobile suits will be making an appearance. Developers also said that the game will be harder overall and the AI will show more cooperation, which will be great for fans who get tired of simply hacking away at mobile suits one by one. For a complete list of Gundam series included and more info about the series, hit the jump.

New Features of Pokémon Black and White

Pokémon Black and Pokemon White are about to be released in Japan and some changes from previous. The game will also have major graphical change with over 600 different pokémon, each having individually created animations. Black and White will most likely be the greatest Pokémon game to date and with so many Pokémon to collect; it will probably keep Pokémon heads playing for many years to come – or at least until the next title releases.

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