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Former NIS America Employees Announce New Startup Company, acttil stars

Former NIS America Employees Announce New Content Distributor, acttil

Founded by former NIS America employees, Jack Niida, Hiroko Kanazashi and Nao Miyazawa, acttil is a brand-new independent video game and digital contents publisher based out in Los Angeles whose core values are acceptance, creativity, teamwork, trust, innovation and love. Although the company's product line will include eBooks for PC, consoles, web and mobile platforms they also have plans to aid independent developers with publishing and providing marketing support; including localization, PR/marketing, production and digital publishing.

Urobuchi Gen's Saya no Uta-The Song of Saya Finally Goes Golden Master stars


Originally announced for release back in Fall 2011, you know before the world ended twice over, Nitroplus' Cthulu-inspired visual novel Saya no Uta- The Song of Saya has finally gone golden master according to a press release from English visual novel distributor JAST USA. Announced initially as part of a package with another Nitroplus title Hanachirasu, the cult masterpiece will finally be shipping from JAST USA uncensored and DRM-free starting early May just in time for convention season.

Key Wishes Western Gamers a Happy 2013 With Official English Planetarian Release for iOS stars

planetarian vn-news

Perhaps the Mayans were on to something with this entire 2013 "enlightenment" period after all. In what was a stealthy, but nonetheless awesome, bit of news over the weekend VisualArts Co. Ltd., a major visual novel distributor in Japan, released an officially translated English version of their 2004 kinetic novel Planeterian - Dream of Little Star - for the iOS system.

FFXIII: Lightning Returns Trailers and Screenshots stars

Square-Enix has finally officially released 2 trailers as well as additional new screenshots on Friday for the upcoming 3rd game to the Final Fantasy XIII series, Lighting Returns. The trailer was prematurely released by various media outlets earlier this week.

Observant fans will can't help but notice the cityscape of Luxerion, the apparently new platforming elements, and Lightning's new red and white cloak are relatively reminiscent of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed.

Some of the background buildings and details of Luxerion as a whole appears to be lacking in depth and looks relatively dated compared to more recent video game titles. As to what purpose the platforming will actually serve in the game aren't entirely made clear in the trailer, we'll just have to find out when Square-Enix releases more information.

Tired of the P90X? Try the Otaku 90X stars


As a self-proclaimed otaku, I typically like to think that my personal preferences for eating well, getting a good night of sleep and exercising is a necessary part of living a balanced lifestyle. I mean, in order to ensure that I'm able to live to see the next great anime or play the next good generation of video game consoles, I need to make sure that I'm healthy, dammit!

Electronic Expo 2012 Photos stars

news E3

Missed going to E3 this year? Fear not, check out our gallery as we bring you photos of jaw dropping booths directly straight from the showroom floor!

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NIS America Press Event 2012 LIVE!!! stars

Late post but if you are reading this head over to our twitter page for live updates of NIS America's 2012 Press Event!!!