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(GDC '11) New Game by Minecraft Creators

Mojang AB's secret project, known as "not yet announced game" until now, have kept Minecraft fans and other gamers wondering for months. In an interview with The-O Network Online, Jakob Porser, the lead developer of the project, unveiled its elusive identity: Scrolls.

NIS America 'Announces' 3 New Titles

On Febuary 10, 2011 at the NIS America press event in San Francisco, tears were shed as NIS announced that the retro cult hit indie game, Cave Story will be receiving a complete makeover for the Nintendo 3DS. In the introduction speech by NIS America Vice President Johanna Hirota, she interestingly mentioned that there was a new title they wanted to announce, but decided last minute to withhold it. The only information revealed is that this new title will be released on Sony's upcoming new handheld device, the Playstation Next Generation Portable (NGP).

While attempting to learn about this new NGP game, we apparently unearthed a second unannounced title. Nao Zook, Public Relations Manager described the game as something that "will be really big" and something they haven't done before. Unlike the other hardcore titles NIS America typically releases, the new game will merge different groups of players together and should be accessible to casual gamers. The last piece of information we got was that the game is not being developed by their parent company, Nippon Ichi Software, and will be released for consoles, not handhelds.

In discussing other future titles, NIS America stated that they do not currently have  plans for releasing any games from Imageepoch, who are working on a video game from the highly popular Black Rock Shooter franchise in Japan. NIS America had announced late last year they had secured the rights to publish future series by Imageepoch. For fans of Altier Rorona, NIS America stated they hope to be able to release its sequel, Altier Totori, in English. From our experience upon general trends and the company's track record, it's not a question of if the game will be released; it's when.

Though only one new title was officially announced, NIS America reassures their fans that they definitely have more exciting titles releasing this year. Stay tuned!

NIS America's New Game?

NIS America will be announcing an exciting new game title later this week. But there are some speculations that the game will be a collaboration between the Prinny from Disgaea series and the popular indie game, Cave Story.  There's not much information about it at the moment, but we'll be at the press event to keep you updated, stay tuned on our Twitter!

NIS America Press Party 2011

NIS America will be throwing another fun filled press party this year on February 10, 2011. We definitely expect Ar Tonelico Qoga to be playable at the event. Little is known this time; however, a special guest from Japan and an "exciting new title" will be announced. As usual, we will be present to provide you with the latest information, stay tuned!

You can also check out our coverage of last year's event here.

Final Fantasy XIII Versus Gameplay 7 min Trailer

A new trailer has been released of Final Fantasy Versus XIII containing old and new clips of the game. Gameplay footage is heavily emphasized in the video and Kingdom Hearts fans will instantly recognize the free roaming combat system since Tetsuya Nomura worked on both games. Interestingly, the game environments resemble modern day Japan based on the cityscapes. As usual, the CG cutscenes are gorgeous and some of the best we've seen yet from Square Enix.

Video included inside.

Super Robot Wars J in English

English speaking mecha fans are rejoicing slowly as we have received word that a fan translation group has released a complete English patch online for the Game Boy Advance game, Super Robot Wars J (Super Robot Taisen J).

The main series are strategy role playing games (SRPGs) involving character and mecha cross overs from various anime and video games. Licensing issues have prevented the games from reaching Western shores in English apart from the Original Generation (OG) series which features original characters and mecha.

It's a shame Namco Bandai doesn't release the game stateside.

Please do not discuss or ask where the patch may be found.

Black Rock Shooter Game US Release Hinted?

NIS America announced on Tuesday that they have secured the rights to publish games by Imageepoch in the United States and Europe. Haru Akenaga, President of NIS America was quoted,

I am attracted by their philosophy of creating games. Imageepoch is already a distinguished videogame developer in Japan. Not only that, but it is my firm belief that their future titles will fascinate JRPG fans in the US and Europe in the near future.

Interestingly this collaboration announcement with NIS America came almost exactly a week after Imageepoch's press conference which apart from announcing several new titles, also revealed more information on their upcoming PSP blockbuster title, Black Rock Shooter.

Though none of this definitively proves anything, we would say an English release is likely based on NIS America's history. Stay tuned as we keep you updated with the latests news.

Imageepoch has previously worked on the Luminous Arc series and the PSP title Fate/Extra based off the Fate/stay night franchise.

Hyper Dimension Neptune Heading Stateside


Idea Factory’s strategy RPG Hyper Dimension Neptune has just been greenlit for a North American release. Published by Nippon Ichi Software, this Playstation 3 title is set to land on store shelves spring 2011. The game features existing game consoles and developers personified as cute anime characters. These young ladies are not just cute, but they are also deadly. They must fight the terror that is piracy. Check out some of these screenshots and tell us what you think about this interesting new title.

Z.H.P Released This Week!

All new strategy RPG Z.H.P: Unlosing Ranger vs Darkdeath Evilman has been released this week. Z.H.P is available on the Playstation Portable and can be purchased on the Playstation Network or retail stores. Z.H.P was developed by the same team who created the Disgaea series. The new game has similar aspects that made the Disgaea series such a hit among hardcore strategy RPG gamers. Check out our review of Z.H.P: Unlosing Ranger vs Darkdeath Evilman in the near future, but check out this new trailer in the meantime.

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