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Servant x Service (DVD) Review

Servant x Service (DVD) Review

26-06-2014 Salvador Mateos - avatar Salvador Mateos

Attack on Titan Part One (Blu-ray/DVD) Review

Attack on Titan Part One (Blu-…

18-06-2014 J. M. Alcala - avatar J. M. Alcala

The Witch and the Hundred Knight (PS3) Review

The Witch and the Hundred Knig…

30-05-2014 Stephanie Hii - avatar Stephanie Hii

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  • Written by Theodore Mak

Holiday Giveaway Ending Soon!

As a reminder, there's approximately a week left before our Winter Holiday Giveaway ends. Prizes include an autographed shikishi board by otaku idol Halko Momoi, an Animelo Summer Live 2009 booklet only sold at the event, and a copy of the PC side scrolling shooter, Suguri! Enter now if you haven't, full contest information located here.
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