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FanimeCon 2014 Impressions stars


As a convention that prides itself on being for the fans of mixed media forms of entertainment, but particularly anime and manga, FanimeCon is the premier destination for many people during Memorial weekend in San Jose, California. Having been forced to make do with the renovations that were happening at the San Jose McErney Convention Center in 2013, FanimeCon 2014 was now able to take full advantage of the new space by addressing some issues that plagued them previously. Unfortunately, this created a few new problems, but in all, FanimeCon 2014 seemed to be just as fun for all attendees as it always has.

FanimeCon 2012: First Timer's Perspective stars

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If there is one thing that Fanime 2012 will be remembered for, I am going to bet the general registration line is high on many people’s lists. While I understand that there was a power outage on Thursday, it was still a great test of patience to wait in line for five and a half hours simply to hand over your money to get in on Saturday. There were more than a few families who in the end decided to forego the line and simply spend the day outside the convention. It was my first Fanime, and I am sure that given the mass of people who waited in line with me, pre-registration was likely an afterthought for newcomers. If nothing else, the staff and volunteers were for the most part gracious, though it does nothing to change the disaster that was their pitiful logistical effort. To be fair, the Fanime staff didn’t want a power outage, but poor planning meant that a lot of people who toughed out the line ended up wasting the better part of the day. If I was a parent, such a poor show of forethought would certainly dampen my enthusiasm on making Fanime an annual family outing. If nothing else, Fanime can pat itself on the back for having hammered home the point that pre-registration is the better route.

FanimeCon 2012: Aniplex & VIZ Report stars

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For fans of manga and anime, announcements from both Aninplex USA and Viz Media at Fanime 2012 were sure to please, though both definitely cause a bit of hurt on their wallets. With upcoming releases that will excite old and new fans, both Aniplex and Viz have a little something for everyone.

FanimeCon 2012: GAINAX Panel stars

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As a recurring Guest of Honor at FanimeCon since 1997, GAINAX founder Hiroyuki Yamaga has been entertaining and informing attendees for fifteen years. Currently serving as the executive producer and project planner for EA's Rock, the company’s first live-action sentai comedy series, Yamaga-san's extensive resume includes serving as executive producer for FLCL as well as the Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth movie. This year is of particular interest as it marks the company’s 25th Anniversary since their commercial debut of the film Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise.