Jason Young

jason-young-photoSenior Editor

Jason Young jump started his career in media journalism back in 2006, writing news articles and reviews  for the video game website Gaming Target. His platforms/genres included the Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2/3 and visual novels. His natural writing talents eventually landed him with an on-staff position at one of the top video game content sites GameZone where he learned the art of news writing and covering events. Utilizing his professional experience, he eventually found the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation's (SPJA's) news and content website Inside- AX- Anime Expo back in 2010 and continued to run it until he joined The-O Network in 2012.

As one of the more experienced writers on the team, he currently manages editorials, reviews and news posts. During conventions he is often participating in interviews as lead interviewer whether it's for game developers, industry veterans or voice actors/actresses. His most memorable convention experience occurred at Anime Expo 2013, when he managed to make Little Witch Academia voice actress Megumi Han cry after giving her a special gift.


Eddie Lai


Eddie is a passionate photographer with experience in wedding photography, cosplay photography, and concert photography. Each year, Eddie travels internationally to photograph some of the top cosplayers from around the world. Eddie joined The-O Network in 2013.


Alysa McWilliams

Alysa newInterpreter / Correspondent

Alysa was born in Tokyo, Japan and moved to the United States when she was three years old.

With a passion for journalism and Japanese culture, Alysa joined the California State University Stanislaus radio station 91.9FM with her own program, Nippon26Radio in 2010. Interested listeners can still hear her on air 91.9FM on Bento Box Saturday from 8am to 2pm PST.

Alysa is fluent in both Japanese and English holding a certified Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) level of N2 and a Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) of 920 respectively.

Alysa has also worked at various conventions and events as an interpreter and in 2013, her talents lead her to The-O Network. Alysa's current projects include expanding business opportunities with Japanese companies as well as increasing readership from Japan.



Theodore Mak

theo1Executive Editor

Theodore started in the industry in 2003 at eigoMANGA, an American based comic book publishing company in San Francisco, as a web consultant and pubic relations representative. From 2003 until 2006, Theodore also worked at various events and conventions in the operations and logistics department where he excelled at coordinating and problem resolution. His fellow peers became interested in his project.

Shortly after in 2007, Theodore formally established The-O Network.

He currently leads the overall operation and development of the organization including maintenance and expansion of the network. As one of the original founders, Theodore is the Swiss army knife of the organization and lends his talents where ever it is needed. A large portion of the early photos found in the gallery were taken by him and he still to this day, participates at conventions and events as an assistant photographer.

Always on the lookout for the next big thing from Japan, he does his best share with community with what he enjoys.


Warriors: Legends of Troy Review

review legends of troy title

Traditionally revolving around a historical Asian story, such as Dynasty WarriorsRomance of the Three Kingdoms, the Warriors franchise now branches out to The Iliad with Warriors: Legends of Troy. Instead of Omega Force, Legends of Troy was developed by Koei Canada and, while it still bears the signature name and some gameplay similarities, provides a new experience for fans of the Warriors series to enjoy.


Hard Corps: Uprising Review

hc title

Arc System Works is usually known for its BlazBlue series and beautifully animated sprites. This time, they’ve been commissioned by Konami to work on Hard Corps: Uprising, a prequel to the classic Contra series. Like most of Arc System Works’ games, Hard Corps features beautifully drawn 2D sprites and mixes it with old school gameplay to both satisfy seasoned gamers and attract younger players, even those who may have never touched a Contra game before.


Lord of Arcana Review

review arcanaLord of Arcana is Square Enix’s latest take on the creature hunting genre. Rather than the traditional formula of killing monsters and RPG gaining experience points, Lord of Arcana throws in material collection into the mix. With powerhouses like Capcom’s Monster Hunter series out already, Square Enix has their work cut out for them. Combining the action RPG formula and creature hunting genre together is definitely an interesting mix.

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