Gen Urobochi Interview @ Japan Expo 2014


Also known as "Urobutcher," Gen Urobochi has penned some of the most notorious anime scripts for series such as Fate/Zero and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Famous for taking his audience on a journey full of unexpected twists and turns, Gen has worked on stories across multiple mediums including the live-action Kamen Rider Gamen along with some of Nitroplus' quintessential visual novels Saya no Uta and Phantom of Inferno. His upcoming anime film Expelled from Paradise is slated to open in Japan later this year on November 15. Together with Nihongogo, join us as we learn about the man behind some of the anime world's most nefarious villains, [contract anyone?], as he shares his thoughts on his craft and how he goes from pen to script.




The-O Network(ザ・オーネットワーク)は5年以上の歴史を積み重ね、日本のあらゆる新情報やニュースをたくさんのみなさんにお届けしております。私たちの交流を活用し、知名度の高いアニメーション、ビデオゲーム、音楽の企業と仕事をさせていただいてます:

  • Aniplex of America(アニプレックス・オブ・アメリカ)
  • NIS America(エヌ・アイ・エス・アメリカ)
  • Sony Music Artists(ソニー・ミュージックのアーティストの方々)
  • Sekai Project(セカイ・プロジェクト)
  • Asia Northwest Cultural Education Association (ANCEA)(アジア・ノースウェスト・カルチャー・エデュケーション・アソシエーション)
  • The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA)(ザ・ソサイティー・フォー・ザ・ポロモーション・オブ・ジャパニーズ・アニメーション)

The-O Networkは、今まで以上にアメリカで新しい仕事の場を広げようと、新しいクライアントやお客さまに興味を持っていただけるように、最新のサービス(ビデオ、写真、グラフィックデザイン、翻訳、ローカリゼーションなど)をお届けできるよう、努力しております。




The-O Networkのチームでは日本語能力試験(JLPT)や国際コミュニケーション英語能力テスト(TOEIC)を認定された優秀な通訳者または翻訳者が行っており、台本の訳でしたりキャンペーンの翻訳でしたら、我々にお任せください。


  • ビデオの翻訳
  • インタビューの翻訳
  • ビデオゲーム、漫画、CDジャケットの翻訳
  • 英語から日本語または日本語から英語の編集や構成






 日本語で書かれた社説のキャンペーンを英語に翻訳してみませんか? でしたら、我々の優れたチーム力で編集や構成をお任せいただけませんか? 品質保証、プレスリリースやマスメールマーケティングも我々の専門知識を持って行わせていただいております。

  • 品質保証
  • プレスリリース
  • CTAからのマーケティングのメール





  • ウェブサイトの品質保証(HTML,XML,CSS,AJAX)
  • UX
  • SEO
  • ソーシャルメディア
  • バーナーやウェブサイトのイメージ用のグラフィックデザイン




 新しいお客さまやクライアントを獲得するのはどの会社でも最大の目標です。そこでThe-O Networkでは優秀なスタッフを貴社のもとにアシストします。貴社が求めてるプロモーションを一緒に考え、新しい目標に達するように努力いたします。日本からの最新のゲーム、貴殿が披露したいタレント、弊社にお手伝いさせてください。それに伴う新しい機会と仕事の場をお作りする事をお約束します。

  • サクラコン(ELISA)
    • レビュー集約
  • ゲストサービス・営業の予約
  • 売店の管理


  • Google(グーグル)のトレンド・マーケティング・メディアの調査
  • プレスリリース
  • グラフィックデザイン




Arthur Arends

AJHost / Interpreter

If you are looking for a nice guy to translate or host your show, he is the man. Arthur J Arends, also known as AJ, will interpret anything you say in 100 Percent accuracy. If you see him anywhere, you are free to ask for an autograph. You never know, he might get famous in the future.


TRIGGER to Debut Ninja Slayer Trailer at Anime Expo 2014

ninja slayer

Studio Trigger, the company who brought us series such as KILL la KILL and Little Witch Academia, will be premiering the trailer for their next anime series, Ninja Slayers on July 3rd at 6PM at Anime Expo. Good Smile Company will be giving away goodies and selling merchandise related to the series at the event. Centering around a former salaryman turned ninja named Keinji Fujikido, the eight-volume cyberpunk series 'supposedly' was authored by two Americans, Bradley Bond and Philip Ninj@ Morzez. Eventually it was picked up and published by Enterbrain, via Twitter, and translated into Japanese although there has been a lot speculation.

For more information including the merchandise that will be available, check out the full press release inside.


Jason Young

jasonSenior Editor

Jason Young jump started his career in media journalism back in 2006, writing news articles and reviews  for the video game website Gaming Target. His platforms/genres included the Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2/3 and visual novels. His natural writing talents eventually landed him with an on-staff position at one of the top video game content sites GameZone where he learned the art of news writing and covering events. Utilizing his professional experience, he eventually found the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation's (SPJA's) news and content website Inside- AX- Anime Expo back in 2010 and continued to run it until he joined The-O Network in 2012.

As one of the more experienced writers on the team, he currently manages editorials, reviews and news posts. During conventions he is often participating in interviews as lead interviewer whether it's for game developers, industry veterans or voice actors/actresses. His most memorable convention experience occurred at Anime Expo 2013, when he managed to move Little Witch Academia voice actress Megumi Han to tears after giving her a special gift.

In his free time, Jason is an avid runner, swimmer and biker with the hopes of one day competing in the Ironman Triathalon.


Eddie Lai


Eddie is a passionate photographer with experience in wedding photography, cosplay photography, and concert photography. Each year, Eddie travels internationally to photograph some of the top cosplayers from around the world. Eddie joined The-O Network in 2013.


Alysa McWilliams

Alysa newInterpreter / Correspondent

Alysa was born in Tokyo, Japan and moved to the United States when she was three years old.

With a passion for journalism and Japanese culture, Alysa joined the California State University Stanislaus radio station 91.9FM with her own program, Nippon26Radio in 2010. Interested listeners can still hear her on air 91.9FM on Bento Box Saturday from 8am to 2pm PST.

Alysa is fluent in both Japanese and English holding a certified Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) level of N2 and a Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) of 920 respectively.

Alysa has also worked at various conventions and events as an interpreter and in 2013, her talents lead her to The-O Network. Alysa's current projects include expanding business opportunities with Japanese companies as well as increasing readership from Japan.


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