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Follow T-ONO For the Latest from Sakura-Con 2014


Organized once a year by the Asia Northwest Education Association (ANCEA), Sakura-Con 2014 is currently in full swing this weekend (April 18- 20) at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington. So far, 2014 has been a fantastic year for the con-goers including everything from cosplay to the star-studded Guests of Honor lineup featuring production crew from Wilt Studio's Attack on Titan to JPOP singer Elisa and more!

Follow T-ONO on Twitter all weekend for live updates fresh off of the convention floor. Also, please be sure to check back soon on for interviews and post-con impressions!


Yoshiki's Classical World Tour Coming to Los Angeles and San Francisco this Month


Notorious for his talents as a songwriter, drummer and pianist, Part 1 of Yoshiki's 2014 world tour is starting later this month and will include ten different countries: US, Mexico, Russia, Germany, France, United Kingdom, China, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan. In the US in particular, he will be performing in Costa Mesa (4/25) and San Francisco (4/28), California.


Aniplex USA Set to Release Shin Megami Tensei: Persona3 The Movie# 1 Spring of Birth May 20th


Over the weekend Aniplex USA announced that they will be releasing the first film in the Persona3 film trilogy, Spring of Birth, on Blu-ray later this year on May 20th. Based off of ATLUS' highly-successful PlayStation 2 JRPG, the film tells the story about a group of students who summon entities known as Personas, beings with special powers, to battle creatures known as shadows during the "dark hour."


Ask ELISA Contest


ELISA will make her first Stateside appearance in just a couple of weeks in Seattle at Sakura-Con. ELISA's music has been featured in various anime titles including Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, The World Only God Knows (Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai), and Hayate the Combat Butler (Hayate no Gotoku!!

Whether you may or may not be able to meet her, here's your chance to ask ELISA anything and we'll try to have her answer as many as possible. You'll also be entered for a chance to win an autographed poster of ELISA!  


Google and Nintendo Team-Up for Pokémon-Related April Fools Joke


Whether you've managed to catch all 649 Pokémon to date or are just beginning to walk your very first steps out of Kanto, Google's latest April Fools joke will have you screaming like a 9 year-old girl who just caught her very first Jigglypuff. Teaming up with Nintendo, Google has released their 2014 April Fools Joke, "Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge" where players explore around map apps on their smartphones in their quest to become a Pokémon master and catch them all.

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