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Atlus USA Announces Four New Persona Games for 2014/2015 stars


In a rather non-surprising move for Persona fans, Atlus USA has announced two new Persona games for release later this year: Persona Q (3DS) and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (PS3/Xbox 360). Coming 2015 is the much-anticipated JRPG Persona 5 for the PlayStation 3, as well as the dancing spinoff Persona 4: Dancing All Night for the Vita.

Watch JASTUSA's Official English Trailer for Upcoming Visual Novel Steins;Gate stars

Steins; Gate release March 31st

Last week, English visual novel novel publisher JASTUSA posted an official trailer for their much-anticipated release of nitroplus' visual novel Steins;Gate. In addition to the trailer, it was announced that the game has gone "golden master" status. Which means that the limited edition of the game is already heading towards the pressers and will be released on March 31st, 2014 in both hard copy and download forms for $59.95. The standard physical edition will be released a month later on April 30th for $39.95.

New Demon Gaze Screenshots Reveals NPC Characters stars


NIS America has released a new batch of screenshots for their upcoming dungeon-crawling RPG Demon Gaze, which will be released on the PlayStation Vita on April 22 in North America and April 25 in Europe. The title will be released in both retail and digital formats.

Shining Series Gets Its Fighting Game On stars

blade arcus 001

So you have played inserts from Sega's tactical role-playing series Shining. But have you ever considered duking it out in a 2D fighting environment with some of your favorite characters from the franchise? If not, then consider Sega's newest fighting game experience Blade Arcus. Expecting to hit Japanese arcades later this summer, players will be able to do fight each other on-screen, pitting familiar and new Shining characters not only against one another but also in a new light of battle.

NIS America Announces Four New Titles: Battle Princess of Arcadias, Disgaea®4: A Promise Revisited, Danganronpa™ 2: Goodbye Despair and Fairy Fencer F™ stars

Battle Princess of Arcadias, Disgaea®4: A Promise Revisited, Danganronpa™ 2: Goodbye Despair and Fairy Fencer F™

Amongst great food and even better company in San Francisco last night, English video game publisher NIS America announced four titles last night: Battle Princess of Arcadias (PS3 – PSN only), Disgaea®4: A Promise Revisited (PS Vita), Danganronpa™ 2: Goodbye Despair (PS Vita) and Fairy Fencer F™ (PS3). Each of the titles will be released later this year towards the fall/winter season, so gamers get your wallets ready and prepare to stock up on some good ole firewood. It’s going to be an epic winter.

Love Live! School Idol Festival App to Get English Smartphone Release stars

Long Live! School Idol Festival English

Released on iOS and Android in Japan last year, Bushiroad's and Klab's hit video game app based off of Sunrise's Long Live! School Idol Project anime will be released in English later this spring in addition to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea. The game features two modes, a rhythm action portion and a story or adventure mode.

Aksys Games Releases visual Novel Kamaitachi no Yoru on iOS as “Banshee’s Last Cry” stars

iOS visual novel Banshees’s Last Cry

As part of the company's latest efforts to localize video game maker Chunsoft's (999/Virtue's Last Reward) extensive visual novel library, Aksys games has released the company's mystery-adventure title Kamaitachi no Yoru as Banshee's Last Cry on Apple's iOS platform. The "sound novel" was originally released in 1994 on the Super Nintendo and eventually ported to PlayStation, Game Boy Advance, PC, mobile phones and the Wii Virtual Console. This is the first time that the game has been released in English.