updated 9:28 PM PDT, Jun 28, 2016

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BoA Appearing in San Francisco

For those of you in the Bay Area next weekend, Korean pop singer BoA will be on the Main Stage on Sunday, June 28 for the SF Pride Event. BoA is well known in Asia and has made significant impact in the Japanese music scene. BoA has been slowly entering the American music industry since last year in October with her single "Eat You Up" as well as her American debut album "BoA"released this year on March 17. More information inside.


So apparently we've been really out of the loop, and didn't hear about this until our associates asked if we would like to interview the band. Hyde from the hit J-Rock band L'Arc-en-Ciel, and K.A.Z from Oblivion Dust are holding an American tour starting in July 2009 as the group VAMPS. Feel free to reply here or send us in questions you may have for the band and we will try to have them answered.

Full tour schedule is inside including their tour announcement video!

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